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Month: July 2018

One Done, Two Begun – Social Nudity, the 18 Year-Old Vote and Eldridge Cleaver

Quite a mix, right? And, yet, only a small fraction of what was ‘new’ in this Issue.
There is, for instance, another page picturing a protest – ladies with placards reading “My Pussy is Not Obscene”. Who would have guessed that such a word would be in the public eye?
And that protest has absolutely nothing to do with the article on naked associations as an absolute Right (per the new ruling that lays it out clearly that nudity is not lewdity… at least not on private property). All very rhythmic, isn’t it?
And LA is also in the forefront here, with the issue of the vote for 18 year-olds (the very same age that our Country was offering them the opportunity to die for it). This initiative was being pushed by the Peace and Freedom Party… with high hopes of turning out voters to end the war – to their and others’ benefit. Of course, at this point (in 1968), no one knows for sure that such an initiative even has a chance. And, as a matter of fact, it took about an Amendment to the Constitution to lower the voting age from 21 to 18. It took almost 4 years, but it was as a result of actions like this one. One by a ‘third’ Party… another reason for legislators to nip this in the bud. Or, said another way, it was looking like a good idea for them to take action before the likes of Eldridge Cleaver got the ear of the public.

We’ll add this final note — on our ‘1960’s Music Page’ – https://www.facebook.com/LAFPmusic – you can also see who was playing around town.

LAPD Loses Theatre Control, and so… Panavision Penis Meets Mammoth Vagina

Our Front Cover portrays how well our 4th Birthday Party went… with 25,000+ folks it was quite a bash 🙂 And the police being exceptionally cool was not the only surprise – unannounced, the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA… eventually known simply as Chicago) showed up for their 1st-ever gig!

As to the revolutionary news in this Issue (and our headline here)…

With this California Supreme Court decision, the LA Police Department could no restrict its city’s theaters’ choices of content. The following film review by Gene Youngblood provides proof of the benefit of the ruling.

(In that some readers might not know why Gene’s opinion is to be valued: From his start with us in 1967 he became – and is – an internationally-respected theorist of media and politics, and a scholar in the history and theory of alternative cinemas, he is a pioneer in the Media Democracy Movement. His best-known book, Expanded Cinema, was the first to consider video as an art form and has been credited with legitimatizing the fields of computer art and media arts.)

Just a reminder – – as always, you can find ‘this week’s’ adverts for some of the most remarkable music artists of the 60’s over on our FB Music Page.

Berkeley Burns… and a Union Blossoms

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