Let’s sidestep the sewage… unquestionably, the anti-war protesters have made their feelings known with regard to Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey’s candidacy…and look for a clean stream of their support for the Party they helped birth. In that ‘tomorrow’ is but a day away and on which, likely, the final path will be determined as to ‘how’ they will achieve their goal, we will need to take a very quick look at how we arrived at this point, how it is different from all others, and what it’s outcome may bring to all of America.
Of course, at this point in time – 50 years ago in the pages of the LA Free Press – one could only guess as to how history might unfold. For the moment we knew that the Anti-War Movement was real: on this coast, peaceful protesters and the LA FP, itself, pushed the P&F Party onto the ballot in January, then pro-peace candidate Eugene McCarthy rocked the East Coast, coming within less than 300 votes of defeating Lyndon B. Johnson in the first primary, that was 6 months ago in March. The showing was strong enough for Bobby (RFK) to take up the banner aiming to outrun McCarthy, stepping in as LBJ bowed out. Barely 3 months later, in June, on the night he won the California primary with a similar themed platform… he was shot dead.
But the Movement did not die, and with the advent of these 2 conventions of the people – a true 3rd Party where anyone who was a Member could nominate its leader – Democracy lives.
Sadly, within just weeks, this exemplary example will run up against traditional politics – There will be no nomination of a true pro-peace, pro-people, pro-planet candidate for President. The Battle of Michigan Avenue will ensue, the hopes of the Democratic Party manipulators will be dashed and, in an irony of historic proportion, idealists will be the cause of a dystopia.
So much for a snapshot of what was, and what was soon to be… here is what the morning will bring…

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