Two stories on our Front Page – the 3,000+ marching in one certainly outnumber the ‘about 50’ sit-down protesters in the other. Nevertheless, we’ve headlined the cause of the smaller group as it seems as important now as it did then. And, besides, (we just happen to know) that their protest succeeded.
As to the reason for the marching in the first article – the conviction of one Huey Newton just about a month before – it’s reversed more than a year later. Remarkably, both articles are continued onto the same page, herewith re-published.

In the second article, the Sal Castro Interview, you’ll find the genesis of its protest – educational inequality. The result, back in March, were walk-outs from 7 East L.A. high schools by more than 15,000 students and faculty members at the effect or sympathetic to the disrespectful fashion in which the schools treated their Chicano students.
Known as the Eastside Blowouts, they were the culmination of policies that had overcrowded classrooms, dropped reading scored, and raised dropout rates – to almost 60%! – within the School District.
Subsequently, there was a meeting of the Los Angeles Board of Education at which all of the students’ 39 demands were rejected. Then, 13 of the walkout’s organizers were jailed; Sal Castro, with the most charges pending, was finally released on bail in June. However, the arrest cost him his teaching position.
What you are reading about here is the beginning of a protest… one that became a round-the-clock sit-in at the LA Board office and 2,000 protesters surrounding the police station. All for good cause, protesting social injustice isn’t a crime. Eventually, the School Board yielded, and Let Castro Teach American Government, Again!
But there’s more to do, 50 years later educational inequality still exists.

Now onto ‘this’ year’s Presidential Race. Here are 2 more of the candidates and again, there are some surprises…
One is a candidate that you probably don’t know: the first-ever she before anyone was ‘with her’ – who was expecting to lose for a reason you might still remember. The other was a he who won… except for 297 votes.
First up is another youngster – but at 38 she does qualify for the Office – where as Mr. Cleaver does not. She, too, is an activist, though, and Black – providing her with 2 historical credits. And there a whole lot more Charlene Mitchell…

Eugene McCarthy was the ‘winner’ we allude to above – and a surprise of how close he came to besting the incumbent in the New Hampshire primary.