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Month: November 2018 (page 1 of 2)

Sky of Blue and Sea of Green

“Sky of blue, sea of green.”
Does it sound so familiar because, after all, there is a sky of blue, and a sea of green? Or did it ‘sing’ itself right into your head? Just one more line and you’ll be right back in ‘our’ yellow submarine.

And as Paul, the song’s author, said, regardless of who insisted otherwise, it was all just a bit of nonsense – nothing more than a ditty for Ringo to sing, a child’s plaything. In fact, even the line you now remember so well wasn’t his – that 6 word see-saw was Donovan’s. In fact it is, officially, classified as ‘Children’s Music’ by people who know of genres (“a shared tradition or set of conventions”) and such things.
If you’re my age, you may have first heard it on the radio in the summer of ’66. Went straight from the bottom of the sea to the top of the charts.
By 1968, the song was transformed into an ‘animated musical fantasy comedy’ film (It’s all in the mind, y’know!) lighting up theater screens in the UK. And it was a hit!
To be clear, though, the idea of making a film based on the song was not theirs and making a feature-length cartoon of even less interest.
Surprised? Well, think back a moment… they hadn’t been keen on all the work and time their films involved, and they certainly weren’t impressed with their cartoon series. (Is this news to you? I’ll put a link in at the bottom.)
So, what happened? Well, after much badgering ‘the Beatles’ (tho John, George, and Ringo were otherwise occupied) met with a writer associated with the cartoon series. It seems that Paul – their sole representative – would only greenlight the animated film if it had a monster and no demand of his time.
So… long story made short – about 4 months after it premiered in their ‘hometown’, on November 13th, it crossed the pond and premiered on our shores. Not quite 2 weeks later – that’s 50 years ago – there was good reason to put this on our Front Page – the film ‘starred’ our favorite group, and it was their tunes from start to finish… and it was a hit here, too!

(Here’s that LINK!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WaW-gDLyGU )

What!? What Happened to The LA Free Press Press Passes?!

With all that ruckus going on about some start-up (that would be CNN) getting their press passes snatched away, you might be thinking…”hmmm… and how is it that that other start-up (yeah, that would be us – when we ‘arguably’ started the Free Press Movement more than half a century ago), got to keep theirs?

Well, folks, the answer to that question is pretty simple – we didn’t have no stinkin’ press passes for them to take away! And that, by the way, was pretty irksome – so we took the City to Court because of their refusal to issue them to us.

While the story of our 3 days in court – represented by the ACLU, no less – is told on these 3 pages, the verdict isn’t. The wheels of justice do, indeed, take time to turn.
In the meantime, take a read to hear, as the Court did, the City’s circular logic. Then take a moment to figure out if the Court should break that circle and give us press passes… or not.

ACLU to Fight for The LA Free Press!

‘TODAY’ (but exactly 50 years ago), the ACLU will be fighting for the LA Free Press’ Right to be issued press credentials.

The court battle is a necessary step in that – (and all these years later, doesn’t this sound familiar?) – the Sheriff believes that our “journalistic style” is detrimental to the “young and impressionables in our society.”

His words have made an impact, because the Establishment has duly noted the danger – young minds might give birth to ideas that would rock their boat – and He and the City and the County aim to keep it altright.

And so… we’re calling in the big guns -not just the ACLU, but the very words of our Constitution – to say to them all that just as it provides that ‘Congress shall make no law’ to abridge “the freedom of speech, or of the press”, neither shall They.
Stay tuned, the LA FREE PRESS will surely keep you posted… together, let’s see how this turns out. In the meantime, let’s take a look of who – way back then – comprised that ‘Establishment.’ You might be a bit surprised with how familiar you are with Them.

But here’s something that’s different – as is our style – we’re providing that intro via a Book Review. The book is ALL about Them, and its review is by two members of our staff, the very same people whose Right to speak freely They are trying to deny. In other words, we’re starting out by pitching irony, and working our way up. 🙂

Oh, and about that promise to keep you posted… we will and, just like last week when we told you that there would be more to that standoff at Valley State College, you can find the most recent development right now, at the following link. And when you go to it, you can write up your own thoughts (it’s that free speech thing again) and your articulate response might even be featured  right here, in the LA Free Press!
And the link is – – https://losangelesfreepress.com/gym-crow-at-valley-state/

All that reading… now what to do? Slip on out and catch the Velvet Underground, and have a very merry thought-provoking evening. Here (on just a snippet of that ‘Gym Crow’ Valley State College story) is where they are…

And I can’t help but to mention this, too – those ‘young and impressionable minds’ are even against the Communist Establishment (per the article above the one on Gym Crow)! It must be the fault (and we say this with quite a bit of pride) of that mind-joggling, true-news journalistic style of ours.

Obscene Elections?

Well… it was just last week that we took you to a place we hadn’t taken you to before – – our Section 2. And this week, that’s exactly where you can find the answer to our Headline question: Who Rules The Country?
Spoiler Alert ~ ~ Back when that question was asked, the concept was concise, but the details were many. So many, in fact, that book after book was written to include them all. The good news is… our Lawrence Lipton read and reviewed quite a few of them FOR you(!).

Lipton’s discussion/comparison/analysis is, actually, so complete (or as others might say – lengthy) by way of its inclusion of so many aspects that it is unique. Therefore, while material relative to the week’s Issue is usually found in this blog, I am, instead, placing it in another Section of this website; the totally appropriate one of ‘A Unique Perspective’. Check for its Tab up top, then head toward the ‘Topic’ Revolutionary Vibes – as it’s thinking like what’s in this article that leads to structural change.

Again, past a concept, there are details aplenty to make its case – you’re in for a long read, and an enlightening ride. Keep in mind that it’s a summation of 50-year old views. If you find it relevant – or even if it only strikes you as a compilation of surpassed premises, you will have an extended view that may very well provide a handy insight to our political future.

Not ready to go that deep so soon? Then turn to page 3 – it’s re-published right here – for an instant tally of just ‘this’ year’s power-building turmoil and, too, a peek into the trouble ‘abrewin’ (that Valley State thing… that you’ll see quite a bit more of in the next few months – so says my crystal ball).

I’ll wrap up with this:  It’s your opportunity to see a group that you’ve probably heard, one that you might of heard of, and… who’s The Floating Bridge?
This ad will be posted on our FB LAFPMusic Page today – the 8th – and you’ll want to check there tomorrow, too – for a concert ya don’t wanna miss 🙂

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