Well… it was just last week that we took you to a place we hadn’t taken you to before – – our Section 2. And this week, that’s exactly where you can find the answer to our Headline question: Who Rules The Country?
Spoiler Alert ~ ~ Back when that question was asked, the concept was concise, but the details were many. So many, in fact, that book after book was written to include them all. The good news is… our Lawrence Lipton read and reviewed quite a few of them FOR you(!).

Lipton’s discussion/comparison/analysis is, actually, so complete (or as others might say – lengthy) by way of its inclusion of so many aspects that it is unique. Therefore, while material relative to the week’s Issue is usually found in this blog, I am, instead, placing it in another Section of this website; the totally appropriate one of ‘A Unique Perspective’. Check for its Tab up top, then head toward the ‘Topic’ Revolutionary Vibes – as it’s thinking like what’s in this article that leads to structural change.

Again, past a concept, there are details aplenty to make its case – you’re in for a long read, and an enlightening ride. Keep in mind that it’s a summation of 50-year old views. If you find it relevant – or even if it only strikes you as a compilation of surpassed premises, you will have an extended view that may very well provide a handy insight to our political future.

Not ready to go that deep so soon? Then turn to page 3 – it’s re-published right here – for an instant tally of just ‘this’ year’s power-building turmoil and, too, a peek into the trouble ‘abrewin’ (that Valley State thing… that you’ll see quite a bit more of in the next few months – so says my crystal ball).

I’ll wrap up with this:  It’s your opportunity to see a group that you’ve probably heard, one that you might of heard of, and… who’s The Floating Bridge?
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