It’s all Old News until, once again, it becomes Today’s News. And the remarkable regularity of that occurrence is pretty much our stock in trade. We, too, often get extra attention when the timing is just so close – these regular posts are our 50-years-on-the-nose reprints – that it seems as if we are way past happenstance and right into mystical and magical cyclical circumstance.
Now for the Topper: WE were the one that was always presenting ‘alternative facts’. That’s right – the mainstream media said one thing, we said another.

How’d that turn out? (The short story – you can ask me for more some other time – is…) Art Kunkin, our Founder, Publisher, Writer, Reporter, Original (and long-time) Editor was often arrested – some of our other reporters, as well, our office was burnt-down several times, and the Feds sued us for $25 million (that, too, was – coincidentally – just about 50 years ago… August of 1969. So, now we’ll see how this August turns out 🙂
[ btw ~ in today’s $ that $25 Million was equivalent to about $170 Million! ]
And, finally, adding insult to injuries not recompensed – though we reported real news, sold at twice the price of the LA Times (‘free’ press refers to expression of opinion), and had over 100,000 buyers – 2 to 300,000 readers – EACH week… we were denied press passes!! in a local court of law!!!

On the flip side, it earned us a place in history as ‘arguably’ the Granddaddy of the Alternative Press and, certainly, the primary template for the HUNDREDS of newspapers that were then conceived to follow our Mission. What ‘Mission’?

The LA Free Press was established as an open window to the Counter-Culture … The Society that the corporate and government shape-shifters sought to sell their story to, but was always resistant to their best efforts. And, to their dismay, its free-thinkers with thoughts of peace, social justice, ecological responsibility, shared resources, panoramic lifestyles were… mobilizing. AND our readers – all welcome to be our writers – and our staff – put our readers’ views and their own INTO PRINT!
What they wrote was what they saw (police brutality, corruption in City Hall, blatant discrimination, and worse). And they were always yammering for high ideals.  They also exposed those who were trying to take them off-track. Oh, the ‘establishment’ was not keen on us.
All in all, were we just a lot of noise, or a true accounting of what was going down and, likewise, were we truly placing pieces of the puzzle out for everyone to see? The LA Free Press is in more than 60 historical collections across the Country – you do the math.


And then please keep reading past what has just been our longest post ever. BECAUSE…

I’d like you to know about some of the articles in ‘today’s’ Issue that, those 50 years ago, may have given you a different point of view than that which was  being promoted most widely at the time. But, MORE IMPORTANTLY, they may do the very same for you now!

Here they are. AND – for those of you who like surprises – I’ve put a special 4 letter word for you at the very end of this, hoping that – In The Most Admirable Tradition of The LA Free Press – it blasts you off to a realm you’ve yet to consider!

First up – Front Page. Please look up to the lower lefthand corner.
Today this would be called a ‘rant’, right? Ted – our Senior Editor – in that yet unnamed tradition – goes on for another FULL page (excellently, btw) on the sheer stupidity of a ‘primary’ policy of Anti-Ballistic Missiles (ABMs) to ‘save the peace’. Now they are again proliferating as ‘we’ve’ managed to get those pesky peace treaties out of the way that restricted the first-strike capacity of Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs). Yes, we’re back to the days of selling arms – to everybody – so that they can, once again, all stay safe and sound.
(And, sure, you can pause a moment to peruse that interlinking agency chart… more about the CIA later.)

Next up – Page 2:
‘Rights Denied Men in Armed Forces’ regarding the status of several of the groups of military mutineers who actually stopped the war. Among them are the Presidio 27 whose non-violent anti-war protest brought sentences of upto 16 years of hard labor… and the public’s outcry from reading about them in the LA FP and other then-minted ‘alternatives’.
50 years later – in 2018 – a more diversified pool of reporters finally brought that old news to a number of mainstream publications with the announcement of the Exhibit Waging Peace: U.S. Soldiers and Veterans who Opposed America’s War in Vietnam. It was marching through VIET NAM(!!). Amazingly, here’s an Old Photo rarely seen when that very same American GI Movement was in our own streets.
The 1969 Anti-War GI Movement that the Mainstream News is just now Reporting

And here’s New News – that Exhibit, sponsored via Notre Dame, is ‘Coming Home’ for their North American Tour, quite possibly to a town near you! You’ll see notice of that right here, then, along with the LA Free Press articles that will be appearing in its upcoming book.

Next page re-published here. The top article ‘Counter Revolution in the Legislature’ is not what you think but is STRIKINGLY similar to what’s happening right now. Almost unbelievable that this is back for debate. You MUST make this your very first protest… or your next one may put you down and out.
The article at the bottom helps you see why the Presidio Protest struck fear into the very heart of our government. And why papers such as ours were a problem for them.

Now to the article that, intuitively, you think you’ve nailed – the ‘Who’s Who in the CIA’. Once again,though,the maxim comes to mind that you can’t judge a book by its cover as Art (yes, Kunkin) first lays out its true purpose before dutifully giving the gist of it. That said, within today’s context, easy to note that the year’s date has changed, and methodology has also advanced, but still, the enemy’s purpose has remained the same. Hasn’t it?








And, finally – to that… Surprise! Or maybe not, if on your trip up to that Front Page Chart your eye was caught by our 4 letter clue. (Or are you just now seeing it on a second glance? 🙂 ) Of course, it might not mean anything at all unless where it sat then, is where it remains today. And if, in this new day and age, Pence’s sudden push to the moon has nothing to do with the oval office’s need to keep an eye on not one, but now (at least) three other countries, that can fire up an ICBM in a heartbeat.
And, for those who are not yet familiar with the LA FP, fact checking was, and still is, a guideline. (Did I forget to mention that?) Please let us know in whose budget – nowadays – NASA’s budget lies (yes, that’s punny, I know 😉 ) and why the DOJ just said that they do (in more words than these) ‘understand that there may now be ramifications in ‘budget reprogramming’ – which has always been only an allowed courtesy’.

[Here’s our most recent source. What’s yours?]
NASA’s Secret Relationships with U.S. Defense and Intelligence Agencies