“If the truth be incendiary, burn, baby burn.”


Hello, Dean Philip Drucker here. That’s Dean as in the educational title Dean, not my first name. Some of my students call me Dean D. Some don’t. As I am also a Constitutional Law professor, quite a few of my students have asked me if this nightmare of a presidency is ever going to end. I tell them one and all, of course it is. 2020 or sooner, sooner being better. We are Americans. We are the sons and daughters of the conquerors, not the conquered. These are the words of George Washington and I’d like to think his spirit is still within all of us.

Forget politics and politicians. They come and they go. Trump is just another politician, albeit it a particularly nasty one, but he’ll be gone soon enough. A racist, misogynist, homophobic, psychotic, helpless, hurtful bump in the road. But soon enough, he’ll be gone. Relegated to the trash heap of forgotten would-be but never were dictators who through lack of character and basic humanity would take our country in the wrong direction for personal gain and profit regardless of the consequences.

Oh, Don the Con may do some harm to our democracy, but in the final analysis, he will be a reminder of how precious a commodity democracy is. He’ll also be a rude but apparently necessary wake-up call that freedom is not free. King Trump will also furnish us an opportunity for change, real meaningful and lasting change. An affirmation of the rule of law. That no one, not even the US President is above the law. No more propaganda. No more lies. A resolve and revolution for the return to the empirical and objective truth as our guiding star. Our battle cry, “If the truth be incendiary, burn, baby burn.”

But before any meaningful societal change can occur, you must ask yourself: “Who do I want to be?” True change in a democracy starts within and spreads like wildfire. Search for, recognize and then become the person you want to be. America isn’t so much a place as it is its people. We lead by example. In America, we inspire others to greatness by committing acts of greatness. Of kindness. Of charity. Of liberty and justice for all. I promise you, lead the way and America will follow. Now is the time, for we, like all great nations have, at one time or another, lost our way. We have forgotten our past. We have forgotten our history as a nation of immigrants come to these hallowed shores in search of a better life. We have forgotten how we became great. Fortunately, though, we do not have to reach too deeply into our national psyche. The way is there, right under the surface, right under our collective noses on our southern border.

Do you want America to be a place where we solve our immigration problems by caging innocent women and children who come here for nothing except the chance for a better life? Where asylum seekers on our southern border are held in CONCENTRATION CAMPS? Where we watch the dehumanization process of; separating families, lack of healthcare, no soap, no toothpaste, infants forced to sleep on cold concrete under aluminum blankets, slowly turn into a terrible, coordinated act of genocide?

No? Then think, discover and be the change you want to be. America will follow. It is our time to be the patriots George Washington wished for us all to be. If you are watching this you, are the resistance and you are not alone. Si se puede? Yes, we can.

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