“The power to tax is the power to destroy.” The Devil and/or Daniel Webster

Sayeth Daniel Webster and later memorialized in the opinion of Supreme Court Justice John Marshall in the case McCulloch v. Maryland. While arguing the case, Webster stated: “An unlimited power to tax involves, necessarily, a power to destroy,” 17 U.S. 327 (1819). Truer words have never been spoken.

Lately, we have found that taxation even with representation can result in a national nightmare of enormous proportions. If we include such euphemisms as “fines”, “fees”, “penalties”, “tariffs” and “bail” all essentially government mandated heist from your pocket  to theirs, we see in clear view what is best referred to as, for the sake of politeness, “economic tyranny” in all its despotic glory. If you think we did away with debtor’s prison, think again. It’s very much alive and well. A place where the vacancy sign is eternally on and there is always room for one more. They will even leave the light on.

How does it work? A simple example: Can’t pay your bail? Go to jail. Even better if the jail is privately owned and operated. How much of our “booming” economy is based upon extorting the poor in the name of privatization and profiteering? More than you might think. As with all good national catastrophes, the original mischief and resulting mayhem starts at the top.

The Trump Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) is none of the above. It is nothing more than a government mandated gouging of money from the poorest among us to the corporations who took the funds and bought back their own stock in a thinly veiled effort to boost the daily quarterly stock price and provide a justification (as if they needed one) for the executive class to jack-up their already turbo-charged salaries and bonuses. Say it by name. Trickle Down Poverty (TDP).

In large part, our GDP is aided and abetted by our current economic policies of TDP. Other People’s Money (OPM) has always been the opium of the 1%. And they will do anything to get it. To recapture the “high” of their first million. To ride the mythical fiscal dragon one more time. We are being led by our frozen noses by a madman who believes America is rich when the rich are rich and when the poor are hurting. When removed from the confines of the neighborhood gym and put into the context of an economy “working for everyone,” no pain, no gain has taken on an entirely different meaning. No longer are the fat cats content with their ill-gotten gains. It is not enough that they succeed. All dogs must fail.

As the highs get higher, the lows go lower. And then people die. Economic disparity is now the latest indicator of what it means to be an economic powerhouse. The new green is mean. Need more proof? Steven Mnuchin. Just look at him. The king of bankruptcy masquerading as Secretary of the Treasury. The destroyer of homes, hopes and dreams. He’d trade your house and put you in a cell in a hot minute. Win-win as far as he’s concerned. Need I say more? What have we done?   

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