I find it amusing how, as I grow older, watching the time flow slowly by, I begin to, or at least I think I’m starting to realize what is of actual value in this world. Simultaneously, there would appear to be an equal and opposite counterbalance. It is like a virus. At first one person, then another, and then another carrier who, for all intents and purposes, unknown to me, would have me deny what I now know to be true and to “buy in,” or pretend that the answer lies in the material, the faceless, the nameless and the hollowest of persons among us. The cult grows. Sometimes it seems attractive. Easy answers based on obedience and slavish devotion to the “one” who promises salvation in the form of a Rolex watch, a Ferrari, or… a wall. One who believes in the politics of fear and division. Us versus them for no reason other than personal aggrandizement and pecuniary gain.

Throughout history, we have seen example after example of the prophets among us. Some real, some imagined. All here for one singular reason To show us the way. The way to light. The way to dark. The way to heaven. The way to hell. They come in all shapes and sizes and of all persuasions. They ask us to have faith. To believe in the unbelievable and react accordingly. To spread the word (like a virus) and to be the most devout, the most pious, the most holy, whatever that requires.

As I grow older still, they would have me believe I’ve “missed the bus” or am “confused” or perhaps unworldly, misinformed, ignorant and yes, stupid. I must admit I find it a bit odd that the more life experience I acquire the more feebleminded I apparently become. After all, I do know now that anything is possible. But, at the same time I know that my knowledge, like that of all of humanity, is limited and that our ability to understand the celestial may be, like the stars above, just a bit beyond our reach.

However, if I have learned anything useful at all, it is this – If you plant love, love will grow. If you plant hate, hate will grow. It is no more complex than that. If you do not understand, I have but one bit of advice. Breath, slowly, deeply, and for once in your life be still, don’t talk, listen.

Listen to the world around you. Listen to all the sounds you hear but do not hear. Listen until you can hear your own heartbeat. Hear the sound and the rhythm. Experience the vibrations and then realize everyone, and I mean everyone, has a heartbeat, just like yours. Then you may realize that loving, unlimited love, kindness and understanding are the true coins, stock and trade of this realm.

Hate is the ultimate distractor from our path. Fear, derision, division and destruction are the fruits of such labor. I suggest to you there is a difference between a good death and a bad one. The good die in service of all that is good and righteous. They die in service and understanding of the value to our fellow men and women, all are brothers and sisters, all from the same womb. For, by helping others, we can’t help but help ourselves and vice-versa, and so love grows. Not by receiving, but by giving and in a strange but true paradox, we only receive the true gifts life offers by giving of ourselves, to others.

This is what becomes clearer to me each and every day.

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