Written by Art Kunkin, it was a Statement of a High Ideal, but one that any American should have felt sure of. His was concerned that, in practice, it just wasn’t so and, particularly, that it was impacting many of those in our ‘community’. So he took, as he said he would, that step beyond The Statement and did publish that List of Agents.
And – in less than a week – it was as if an earthquake of a terribly large magnitude struck the LA Free Press, opening fissures that went deep, their damage devastating.
‘Today’, though, is August 8th, 1969 and, as the paper sits before you, neither you nor Art know what’s coming. At best, you might suspect a mere repercussion, and so you would just read on.
Next week? The L A Free Press Front Page is all about the impact wrought by our exposing the secret police.
Till then, here are some of the more important, more unusual items in ‘today’s’ Issue – items that offer insights to a future in which we now sit:
*A “Cheery Leary” talks about pardons and – here your ears should perk up – might be running for Governor as a Republican. Think about that for a moment (in present time)… would a progressive Republican split the independent vote, and also pull the vote of Republicans embarrassed by political stagnation and anti-American actions?

*Beyond our usual reports on the anti-war demonstrations, here’s why they don’t – and can’t – stop. This article is a reminder that when you hear the word ‘war'(today) it’s as bad as it ever was. (Sadly, we’ve not out grown it, likely we are gearing up for it.)
*But, you say, we fight war to ensure that American principles prevail and, fortunately not on our own shores. So… here’s a reminder of just one more thing – Chicago was very war like… and the enforcement there, and the enforcement in this trial makes it clear that those principle were not paramount. Will they be even more suppressed 50 years hence, in 2019 (are they)? Do those 3 Amendments
(RIGHT THERE in the very middle of this article) still hold sway – CAN ALL fights for our Rights put us in the pokey? [Ed.’s Note: Long story made short – from personal experience – YES, They Can!] Best to take a moment to read this one – if you are, or were thinking of becoming an Activist.