The answer is here. But first… a word from our Editor:
“Hello, dear friends.
Today marks the first day of a radical change to our 50-Year Throwback Thursday feature. As you know, for years now, each week, from the LA Free Press Archive we’ve pulled our Issue from 50 years back and compared its articles to the contemporary news – and the parallels have been amazing!
And, of course, you also know it wasn’t that we were just trying to amaze you. We were also trying to forewarn you: What was, is also what is, though the names may have changed.
Here are but two examples… The Ecology Movement, which morphed into Climate Change, and Women’s Lib as a forerunning title of the Feminist Movement.
Our point, all along, has been that the Movements remained because the injustices persisted. And our hope was, in recognizing that, those that read the Free Press would ensure that the Tipping Point would not be reached, the bounds of good governance and a equitable society and, surely, of survival, would not be breached.
But, dang, we’re awfully close, aren’t we? Just in these two… Climate Change is at the mark of Climate Crises, and the Feminist Movement’s component, Metoo#, is more obvious every day. The simple truth is that on its grand go-around in the 60’s, the counterculture didn’t win. And this time around, it can’t afford to lose.

Hence, we’ve arrived to the reason for the format change: At this point in the 60’s – far past 1967’s springboard into The Summer of Love where Hippie Ideals flourished, and heading quickly into the Chicago 8 Conspiracy Trial – it begins about two weeks from now (in 1969 time) – wherein some of those Ideals seemed to be convicted, we’ll then move into and through the Nixonian Government, a challenge to higher ideals if ever there was one. Kinda like now, if you see where this is going… but, if not, let me put it this way – it’s not just that there will be a lot of news, it’s that a lot of that news will be about causes like ours being set against by forces like theirs. (Again – kinda like now.).

Simply put, there are, from this point forward, too many articles and, particularly, too many that deserve to be put under a magnifying glass, to squeeze them all into a single Thursday.  To be extra clear, if we’re to win this time around – when the stakes seem infinitely greater (we’re carbon’d upto our limit), as so, too, seem our opportunities (to avoid war(s) vs trying to stop those in motion) – we need to look at these articles closely to see what was, and what was needed to come out ahead.

Therefore, the new format will accommodate that.  As in this first ‘edition, rather than including 4 or 5 articles as we usually do, we are only discussing 2. Taking a closer look, because the format can now support that. And, as it’s true that this and each successive Issue has so many articles in it, this new format does not just consist of a Thursday, it draws out and discusses articles on the following Wednesday, as well. Together, will see how this works.

For the moment, though, let’s just consider these two articles… which as you might have suspected are in accordance with the examples given above.  And for good reason. Please, if you wish, take them both for a read, and return tomorrow if your curious if our thoughts about them – published then – agree with yours.

Yes, Oil Men Kill Smog Bill is the ‘Screamer’ Headline but the one that is right on the money is the article headline itself – Lobbyists Suffocate Bill to End Pollution.  Here the article continues…

And (tomorrow) our thinking is this….



Our second article is this one. As it mentions, it concludes an earlier published interview (which can be found in our 50 Year Throwback of this year’s August 29th Throwback). Even taken together they are a concise statement of (yes, our thoughts on this one will also be here for you upon your return 🙂 )