I start with a simple reality. Trump is a predator. He’s not an alpha male. He’s not a man’s man. He is a sort of high functioning sociopath without empathy. He’s not “transactional,” unless you consider a “transaction” a one-way street to the benefit of whatever party lies, cheats, misrepresents and steals their way to the “best deal.” I myself would call such behavior fraudulent conduct but then again, I’d like to think I possess a conscience and I do know when a rock bounces off my head I feel pain.

Today, it is not pain I feel. I am physically alarmed and sickened by recent actions by this administration in the name of “immigration.” Let me emphatically state, America does not have anything that could possibly pass for even the semblance of a national immigration, asylum or naturalization policy in place. What we do have is a racist at its core and inhumane proto-pogrom for spreading fear, hatred and now death. Make no mistake, as with all good predators, Wicked Uncle Trump is grooming us, conditioning us, the American public, to accept that which is foreign and unnatural to the American way of life. Remember when Trump mocked a disabled reporter?  

This beast of prey is cunning. Like offering candy to kids, Trump seeks to facilitate his actual goals with paltry platitudes. In this instance, the promise of a safe, secure and homogeneous America. The way it “used to be.” Back then, when we were great. When we were “on top.” You know, back to our, as in us, not them, isolated and insulated superior “culture.” When we knew how to burn a cross or two if needed. When we were bigots and for the most part proud of it.

With Stephen Miller, his mini-me racist self-loathing demented little puerile and treif golem facilitating his master plan behind the scene and pulling the strings, they are at least clever enough to hide their ulterior motives under a veneer.  One that barely disguises (so his supporters won’t miss it) a clearly intolerant and ignorant veil of supposed sovereignty and the protection of our borders.

Are you starting to feel a little sick? They tried to scare us with unarmed men, women and children in “caravans.” They called them invaders. When that didn’t work and Trump got hit with a cleansing blue wave, he started using terms like rapists, gang members, and then infestation. Like rats. Sound familiar? It should. Do you feel that in the pit of your stomach? You should. You are being groomed to accept the ultimate solution.

Like all predators and their master plans, they start by attacking the weakest and most vulnerable amongst us. Threatening the sick and infirmed, those with cancer and other deadly diseases with deportation (and certain death) fits the bill. Ask yourself what does this have to do with domestic tranquility or protection from foreign intervention? Nothing. But if we allow this atrocity to happen, what’s next? If we accept that some lives are, in the natural order of things, worth less than others, of little consequence, and ultimately, utterly disposable, not what, but who is next? We are being groomed to accept the unacceptable.

The Nazis were systematic in their approach to genocide. They were blind to cruelty. They started with those least capable of defending themselves. When they “got away” with it, they moved to the next vulnerable group, then the next. Ranking people according to their “usefulness” is classic Nazi 101. Those who were “less than perfect” aka born with disabilities were at the top of the list for extermination. Now do you remember that reporter?


If you are thinking it’s one thing to think it, another to do it, ask yourselves, but don’t look too far from the headlines for who are the actual people who will carry out these death sentences in the name of “immigration”? Will they claim they were just “following orders”? Sound familiar? It should.


Humiliation will lead to degradation. Degradation will lead to categorization. Categorization will lead to discrimination. Discrimination will lead to relocation. Relocation will lead to…it’s already happening.


We cannot let this continue. We can’t.


Note: Today’s Rant is a combination and extension of three earlier tweets made by Professor Drucker via Twitter @DruckerPhilip. You can follow him on social media at

www.instagram.com/philip_Drucker (mostly graphics)


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