Well, let’s dispense that first question as quickly as we can: on the very same day we published this Issue another up and coming publication, LIFE Magazine, published its headline – Paul is still with us.
Of course, our writer hadn’t speculated that Paul was, indeed, gone. Surely, that would have been an embarrassing announcement in light of that happy news that he had, indeed, been found – alive and well on his farm in Scotland.
What our writer wrote about was not just the clues that preceded Paul’s disappearance, but the creativity that kept them together. And it was that discussion the begat his second question.. phrased another way, Are you alive to what they were singing about?
While you ponder that, as you might have done back then, I’ll add this sad note from that day’s lucky find. It was Paul’s quote, he had gone to Scotland to get away from the stress of the group’s recent in-fighting about their management, and realized that “The Beatle thing is over.” Maybe he, too, should have pondered what they were singing about.
But let me leave you here – before moving onto to what turned out to truly be the prescient news of the day – with a first link for fun, while the second a bit of a spoiler. Hope you enjoy them both! (AND… don’t you dare ‘read the black box first’ 🙂 )
Link 1 – https://www.beatle.net/paul-mccartney-admits-beatles-planned-death-hoax/
and Link 2 – https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/paul-mccartney-is-dead-conspiracy-897189/

That ‘prescient news’ (mentioned above) will be here for you tomorrow (see you, then!) It’s truly a light shone onto our future. One more time that the LA FP was the harbinger of important issues – many of them, like this one, that are still with us 50 years hence!

And here are a few additions to today’s post:
*The Rolling Stones Roll into Town! – Poster is already up (on 11/7) at https://www.facebook.com/LAFPmusic/ Look now, as that event happens on ‘the 8th’. Then,
*Some lucky lady’s 76th Birthday is today, and she’s got a gig ‘coming up’! It, too – and some vids – will be posted on the FB LAFPMusic Page. (At 6 CA time.)
Again, we’ll be here tomorrow – come join us – for ‘yesterday’s’ news that is as relevant now as it was then 🙂