This was back in 1969. …when the mainstream headlines were all about winning a war of the very standard kind. And ours were on the flip side – organizing to grind it to a halt.

Likewise, today, our focus is still on what’s in the news, and still with a lens that settles on a better outcome.  Yes, there’s still a war, but it’s not all about people fighting people,  instead, it’s about people fighting for themselves.

Even so, there are some similarities. Specifically, the main objective is, once again, regime change – this time, tho, it’s from Corporate to considerate – all in a battle for Climate Change.  Climate Change, where the results of winning are wonderful, while the consequences of losing are terrible. In fact, very likely more terrible than they’ve ever been from the kind of wars we’ve, it seems, have always had on this planet.

The dead-body count of the Vietnam War,  from the forces of each side and the innocent caught in-between, before protests finally convinced politicians that they might gain ground but, literally, lose their constituency, was more than three and a half million. Yet that was only a fraction of the dead-body count of the War to End All Wars in which more than 60 million people lost their lives.

Certainly, the cemetery pictured has no room for that number; the one that would hold all the dead-bodies – head to foot, and side by side – from a Climate Change foisted on us (for profit!) before we could possibly adapt – would not be in any single state’s domain.  It might very well take up the entirety of our Country… or any other, or maybe even an-other comparable stretch of burnt out or barren land.  Yes, dire consequences, indeed… as, once more, we’ve a Silent Majority.

What did the LA Free Press do to keep this from happening?  Well, just ‘last week’ (11/7/1969) – actually 50 years and 1 week ago today –  we published our own Ron Cobb’s ‘Ecology Symbol’.   Right there, on our Front Page, it was put into ‘the Public Domain’ for the good of all (without an ‘ask’ for a single cent). Then Look Magazine incorporated it into a green and white field, and it was estimated that nearly a billion people saw the flag fly at parades and protests the world over! Here’s one of those:

Now here’s that lesson promised in our headline:  All those years ago, the Ecology Movement launched via the knowledge of – how the war (to stop the war) was won:  Look at that Moratorium Schedule – it’s jammed packed with constant and consistent activities. And those were only in California – events just like them were happening across the entire Country!

Participation and persistence mattered – and that’s where we  – the generation that was there – faltered… Never should we have given the bureaucracy even a bit of latitude once it had passed its promised delivery date; we should have proceeded as we had said we would… if only and solely because we didn’ have the time nor, likely, could we afford the further consequences of being crafted by lobbyists for their own self-serving interests.

But now,  in a return to yesteryear, there is an abundance of educated, socially-conscious, community-oriented minds that, with their unparalleled panoramic view, have recognized a pressing environmental danger, global warming.   Hopefully, this concern will re-open the door to the more basic and broader Ecology Movement of old rather than a replacement Movement arise constricted only to the single symptom (and then be fully re-branded as) Climate Change.

In other words, it is crucial for a solution to all the issues that the difference between ecological – with its cultural components – and environmental problems be understood so that the solutions rendered do not simply address the physical symptoms of a changing climate but, instead, include and address the societal change wrought by its restoration.

So, let’s step up, let’s clean-up, let’s step out, and -this time – let’s not stop until products are really recycling, fossil fuels are completely replaced with naturally self-sustaining energy sources, what grows is fully respected, and what can be shared is.  Let ‘persistence’ be our new watchword, the lesson from the past, let ‘persistence without compromise’ be our new standard – so that we not only meet our past goals, but exceed them.

As a final note,  my thoughts here stem from an article written a few years earlier by Ivy Bader, a visiting Correspondent.  Even today, it’s title – MONEY:  The Root of All Pollution –  and text – ring true.  And so, let’s balance the scales for those on the other side of this fight – those who reduce pollution – let’s encourage profitable projects, agreeing profits should be reasonable… and hoping that they are, eventually re-invested.  Surely it would good if people could earn a livelihood by helping to sustain us all.  Especially if, in the aggregate, they do more good than those who do us harm.