…or, as the inside page headline reads – An Evening With An Alchemist. Tho, more aptly, it would have noted that it was an “Interesting” evening, as well.
In fact, I’m sure you, too, will enjoy this clandestine meeting with a psychopharmacologist who had, at that point, synthesized more than 300 drugs. The end of his tale was a bit of a twist, especially nice.
This link will take you to it in our “A Unique Perspective” Section:

Tomorrow – now that our 50-Year Throwback Thursday is a Three-Day affair – we’ll return to head down our more customary path of pointing to the articles we published then that were OUT of the mainstream. And are now – remarkably – right IN the mainstream. Specifically:
* When our resident beatnik was woke to a new #1 Priority. It was back then and, and it is now, again.
* Well, the second article is not – at all – NORMAL and, yet, it was a clarion call (again, 50 years ago) for legalizing weed – for lots of the reasons it is, today, legalized so broadly. Strangely, tho, if you had been as old then as you are now – you would have said “pshaw” (IF you had been as old then as you are now.)
* Our next article continues this odd thread – us Boomers in our native state, not at all the old farts that some new generation thinks we are now – we were helping to make these things happen.

* And then there’s the 4th article – the secret the mainstream needed to keep, the thing that Boomers did that couldn’t be told. And, by the way, is being ‘celebrated’ this 50th year.

See ya tomorrow. 🙂