Per Art Kunkin… “On this page the Free Press publishes the official Santa Monica High School policy on speakers, printed material & demonstrations, as revised in September 1969. It is obvious that this is a document which the educational authorities would (wrongly) like to keep from the eyes of the public because, through the pretense of dealing with disruptive elements, a policy is declared which deprives high school students of any constitutional or moral right to have a say in their own lives. .
The adults responsible for this document cleverly give lip service to-the concept of education. However, no one who reads their own words can fail to understand that these ‘adults: are basically concerned about preventing the high school student from having that meaningful student self-govern­ment and vigorous campus discussion which is central to education today. And these authorities smugly and foolishly try to maintain this totalita­rianism over a student population which has absorbed many lessons about dictatorship and democracy, evolution and counter-revolution, war and peace through the compelling school of mass communications. ·
Several weeks ago the Free Press bannered, ‘The Liberals are Next’ in connection with the current repression of black people. This week we are bannering, ‘High Schools are Next.’ There is no contradiction. The first headline dealt with the developing counter-revolution, the current headline with the developing freedom revolution – and in our time revolution and counter-revolution are·closely intertwined. It is precisely because of the anti-democratic policy revealed on this page that the high school student is bound to revolt in the name of freedom even while the counter-revolution strives to stifle freedom elsewhere.
Unfortunately, the limitations of space have demanded that we edit this document. The editing has consisted of deleting quotations cited from the Santa Monica and State Educational Codes which gives the school authorities the right to use ‘physical control’ over students, to have a parent arrested who ‘insults’ a teacher in the presence of a student, etc. Even with these deletions, the official policy is monstrous.”
This last page of the article on the compromising of Student Rights carries two reports of which you should take note. One is a soldier’s frank admission that his mission is not to further the mission of the armed services, the other is on the Honeywell Project, an effort to put the brakes on one of the prime producers of munitions in that continuing war that that soldier does not want any part of.
Because of the regularity of these types of reports, they are now part of our regular feature, ‘Military Affairs’. In essence, it’s a validation of what we have shown was bubbling up from the underground; that while much of the public is focused on the peace and love mantra of the Hippies – love them as we do – it is the “Hell, we won’t go.” mantra of those who must kill or be killed that will surely bring the military command to their knees.
I’ll finish today’s summation of this week’s Issue by adding yet one more page to this display. It’s Page 9 where, dead center, you can see hard numbers of just how true it is that the armed forces, notwithstanding the Hippie Mantra, is, most definitely, imploding. Yes, it should have been in Military Affairs, we’ll get better at that even as we hope that the war will end before we fully master that skill.
p.s. I suggest that you try to catch LOVE, and on Monday, I’ll post both the beginning of the story on the UC Reagents (the ending is up there in the top left of Page 9), and the balance of Lennon’s thoughts (begun up there in the top right). See you then.