This is the second Part of last week’s 50-Year Throwback Thursday. In that post, we called your attention to a new weekly feature – Military Affairs.  It reports on the growing resistance to the war within the military itself!  We also mentioned that Military Affairs should have included another article – a very small one in the very center of another one of our pages.  It included a statement from the Wall Street Journal that “an average of 500 GIs desert the  army each week.”

The LA Free Press had already reported on this growing trend  – up 300% from just two years before.  However, when the mainstream press finally published this ‘new revelation’ it was proof-positive that the war was, indeed, coming to an end; it could no longer be hidden, the military itself was imploding.

Yes, the Hippies’ had protested the government’s war, but it was their anti-war mantra that had pushed the better-self of the soldiers to put an end to the carnage.  Please consider how important this lesson is – for, once again, right now – right now – we are again asking our government to put an end to endless war and to start no more.  We are on the brink of an election wherein candidates are asked, on a daily basis, if they will make that promise and, with fingers crossed, our vote for them rests on their affirmative answer.   Instead, wouldn’t we be more certain of peace if we were to revive the chant of “Hell no, we won’t go!”?

The best answer must be informed by the outcome of previous decisions and an honest recounting of history. We welcome your request for our pages from the past.

In the meantime,  let’s just tie up some loose ends from last week.  On the aforementioned page – the one with the article on the rate of desertion – there was both the end of an article  on a fight just begun, and one that begins with a plea for peace.  The pending battle with the UC Board of Regents was, in retrospect, a beginning event to today’s tuition situation, while the interview with John Lennon speaks of a festival that never happened… but now may be an idea that’s time has come.

This is the article concerning the Regents or, more precisely, their intended demise! The very first paragraph sets forth the governing principle, and the balance of the page names names and gets to the crux of the matter – their corporate associations.
In a subsequent article, several Issues from ‘today’, you’ll see exactly how insidious these connections were, converting the institution’s higher-self into a mundane money-magnet, transforming the philosophy of education into the preparation of the corporate worker of the people, by the people, and for the people… who own those corporations.

This second page tells you how that scenario was going to be put to rest. And several Issues from ‘now’ you’ll see how we went from no or low tuition, to the albatross it is today! Perhaps here you will find the real rational to reforming the cost of educating our present generations.

And here’s the wrap up to John Carpenter’s interview of John and… Yoko. In essence, once upon a time there was a plan for a Peace Bag Festival. Not done then, should we do it now?