I love physics. E=MC2, cause and effect, adding nitro to glycerin. The whole thing. I wonder what would happen if we applied some of the principles of time, space and matter to our current political situation, the Senate Trial. I’m game. How about you?

Physics tells us the universe can be broken into three basic components. 1. Space, 2. Gravity and 3. Dark Matter. Recent developments in science have indicated dark matter (it’s the stuff that is there, but we can’t see it) may account for approximately 85% of all matter in the universe. Not very much else is known about dark matter. Is it mass? Is it energy? A combination of the two? No one knows for it is hidden from the harsh glare of research and opinion, unable to reflect sunlight from the giant mostly gassy, hydrogen and helium spotlight we call the Sun. Sounds a lot like politics already.

Dark matter of whatever it is, can’t be seen by us mere mortals because it does not reflect light. Except for stars like our sun, physical objects do not generate their own light. What we see is not the rock or the tree or even the sea or the sky, but the reflection of light bouncing off the let’s call it a solid, tightly bound group of molecules, atoms, quarks, etc…beneath it. Well then, you may be asking yourself, how do we know dark something or other exists? Gravity. Although it cannot be seen by the naked eye, dark matter is matter because it has mass, and mass, if large enough, has gravity. It pulls other objects toward it. It us the unseen, but strangely powerful force. It can (and does) influence the path of planets and virtually the trajectory of every cosmic event (think meteors and comets).

Not unlike the smoke-filled, whiskey drenched backroom dealings of villains, thieves and politicians alike, it’s there alright and, in most cases, the only way we find out about these often dastardly deals with the devil is when the “gravity” of these quid pro quo’s (Clarisse?) begin to influence and erode our democratic values and rights, often sending us spiraling into an orbit we hardly know we are on. Until it’s too late. Like fascism.

Despots, dictators and Dick Nixon’s all have their place in the political universe. Tyrants all, they are the blackest of black holes for they seek to take from us our natural rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, leaving in their place nothing but the empty void, an unsure future, possibly filled with chaos produced by the absence of democracy and the rule of law.

Today is a day that will live in infamy. Tyranny on full display in the press and overtly visible to the public eye. I say infamy as today, January 21, 2020, the day right after Martin Luther King Jr. Day, will be remembered as the day the sham Impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump began. Only the third president in history to face such a tribunal of supposed justice. Of the people’s right to be free from a rogue president who is unfit and unable to faithfully carry out the duties and responsibilities of the position entrusted to him by the people he has sworn an oath to protect. The day an old, decrepit and way past his expiration date greedy, racist Senate “Majority of One” Leader took us to the brink of an event horizon leading to the political darkness of the abyss.

Will there be witnesses? Documents and things? Evidence? What happens when the world’s foremost deliberative body refuses to deliberate? Colludes with the very power it is sworn to check, balance and, if necessary, defeat? But even if it’s “not there” it’s there. Bolton will be there. Parnas will be there. Mulvaney will be there. The undoctored and/or unredacted transcripts will be there. Adam Schiff will be there.

The dark matter is coming to the surface. Fortunately, sunlight is still and will always be the best disinfectant. Let’s wait and see what the sun turns up. My guess is whatever the actual outcome, removal or not, there will be no turning back.

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