Certainly, it’s no ordinary month – it began on March 28th of this year (2020) and concludes 34 days later on April 30th. Both dates are significant – just days ago, we celebrated his 92nd Birthday with a Virtual (Online) Party, Art was there in spirit, having passed away on the 30th of last April.
The Party was ‘@’ the Beatnik Lounge in Joshua Tree, as it has been for many, many years. This time, tho, it was a Surprise! Party. Not a Surprise! to him, as he surely knew about it – but for all who ‘tuned-in’, each of whom, as always, was a Special Friend.
And their Surprise? FREE Access to this special Series: a unique collection of his own articles, all published in his 1960’s Counter-Culture Icon, the Los Angeles Free Press. Each article is a remark on a remarkable history AS that history is being made – it is truly, and uniquely, ‘of the moment’.
And there is more to this Gift- access not just to his Collection, but to the entire website! So that you can have a 50-year look-back at every year of the LAFreep: The Headlines, the people, the events, the bands…
AND… even more… the Right to Share That – ALL of that – with your OWN Special Friends.
To see the 1st article in ‘The Series of Art Kunkin’, designed especially for ‘The Month of Art’ CLICK HERE.