Sometimes even I have a hard time explaining what sets off my “passion” button. My most recent passion involves “Biomass” or waste to energy municipal solid waste.

This is not as odd as it sounds. I have always been interested in thrift shops, mostly to see if I can add to my collection of items depicting well-known trademarks. My favorite mascot-mark is still Tony The Tiger, the second longest-running trademark in the breakfast cereal universe, second only to Snap, Crackle and Pop. See Tony’s journey from funny kind of football-shaped looking a little on the scraggly side Tony to the present-day icon he so rightfully is.

Aside from mining the thrifts for pop culture gold, I am also curious of the generally, still usable items people choose to discard. Not so much clothes mind you, bodies change, styles change, fabric wears out. Sometimes I think thrifts are like little museums of the moment, documenting the changing of culture, what was “in’, is now out, obsolete or, as with the Toys on Misfit Island, unwanted and unloved.

The most wonderful day of the year indeed. And yes, the plaid-clad snowman is Burl Ives. Did I mention I have a collection of his vinyl records? Mostly bought at, you guessed it, thrift shops. Recycled music is a wonderful thing. And yes, Bumbles bounces (ask Yukon Jack).

Never miss Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer or the Family Guy episode

“A Very Special Family Guy Freakin’ Christmas” where the band Kiss saves Santa Clause from pterodactyls by playing the guitar for as everybody knows, winged extinct dinosaurs can’t stand the noise.

And as we’re all friends (we are, aren’t we?), please enjoy the Muppets version of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”. You can’t have too many Kermit the Frogs in your collection, now can you?

Returning to “Biomass” or waste to energy municipal solid waste, yes, we as world will continue to recycle our garbage, including mining our land-fills for reusable sources of clean, renewable, energy while continuing to eliminate plastics, save the world, and yes Virginia, we in California, will someday build a bullet train that runs on magnetic tracks from San Francisco to San Diego. Yes, we can. Note: The use and spread of magnetic technologies is another thing I’m strangely passionate about. The actual SF to SD train, not so much, but it would be cool

Granted, not all passions are the same and yes, they can be funny things. But in the final analysis, is it not better to have a passion, however small, then have none at all?

Did you get your fill of Phil?


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