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Welcome! to – as of this day in 2007 – the Re-Incarnated Los Angeles Free Press.
And, just in case you don’t know about our very first Incarnation as THE Counter-Cultural Icon of the 1960s, a link at the very bottom of this page will tell you more about that… please check it out 🙂

So… What’s our Purpose, this time around??
Quite simply, to ensure that the political revolution, that we helped to start, finally gets over the finish line.

And How, exactly, do we plan to do that? Well, it’s all in The Tabs as listed above:

*The ‘Home’ Tab – is where you’ll find a scroll to our posts.  They’re all ‘A Real Head Trip for Smart Minds’.
Category Tabs are at the top of the page, on the sidebar there’s a Search Bar so that you can find posts just by inserting the name of a place, person, or event! 
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*Our ‘About’ Tab – that’s where yer at now.  It’s a navigational aid… if you expected the traditional ‘history of’ format, that – and more – is under our Special Features Tab described below.  BUT… don’t leave just yet, because right under that, on THIS very page, is a very Special Offer!

*’Our Facebook Pages’ Tab provides a Gateway Icon to each of our Facebook Pages – there are 2 of them.  One is of our original (1960’s) political posts (where you can make comment), and the other is of that era’s concert ads featuring what are now mega-mythical music artists at admission prices hard to believe – some free! (i.e. Alice Cooper AND Led Zeppelin in a Club with less than 500 seats – and NO Cover Charge!)

THEN there’s a week’s worth of Daily Features

*‘A Unique Perspective’ Tab –  12  different Topics, each with a 60s era Original  LA FP Article, all with a brain-stimulating viewpoint.  Some with a contemporary reader’s brain-stimulating counter-point!  Here’s one:  The Negroes Have Voted!

Musical Notes

Phil Drucker’s Rant


Throwback Thursday

AND there’s MORE!

*The ‘Special Features’ Tab – where, among other things, you can find what some other bright people had to say about this old rag… back when we were just getting started.

As To Our


    Have a memorable moment from the 60’s?  It will be our pleasure to bring you together with an LA Freep Page from the past.
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