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Been There.
Done That.

Student Demands Met

A Unique Perspective by Paul Eberle

        Staff Writer, Los Angeles Free Press

Only one short line in this article refers to the long arduous road (“…with more than 200 arrests”) that it took to get to this point… nearly 50 years ago.

Of course, the reason for us to pull up this slice of history is…. this:


Which begs the question “Why did it have to be done all over again?”  And, MORE IMPORTANTLY, will these ‘concessions’ last THIS time around?

In a few days, several LA FP Archive Items of the ‘history’ of this event will be posted.  And, likewise, a few that followed that event in 1969 – just so you’ll have, perhaps, a better understanding of what could occur in the next few months of… 2017.


… that the retelling will remind you that this ‘win’ took place after the 1964 Civil Rights Act that should have made it possible back then and, as you can see from the Front Page posted, while Blank Panthers were still being shot.  (By who you ask? That’s also an interesting tail… especially in this day and age of the new ‘transparency’ of our CIA, FBI, NSA, ETC.)

… that the “revolutionary youth movement” – that’s white kids – as an actual Party – was just beginning (though coyly noted in the cartoon above that they surely had to be homosexual freaks),

… that Ronnie and the UCLA Regents were running scared (that’s on page 10… right… NOT the page of the article about him being a rioter).

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