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Author: Dana Cook

John Phillips – Remembers Ravi…

John Phillips, Rock Musician remembers Ravi’s sense of simple joy in 1967

“The afternoon concert [at Monterey Pop Festival] belonged largely to Ravi Shankar and his hypnotic, meditative ragas. …
Ravi gave one of the most remarkable performances I have ever witnessed. Within the past year, the exotic sitar sound had wafted into the mainstream of rock. I had visited Ravi at his family’s home in L.A. and discussed paying him for his music school in Delhi. I met his wife, his sisters, and their children. They were the most gentle people. We ate curried dishes with our fingers. Incense burned throughout the simple, modest house in the Hollywood Flat. It was unpretentious and suburban and about fourteen people lived in it.
When Ravi visited 783 [Bel Air Road], we stayed up and cut some demos of us jamming together. Ravi exuded a simple joy when playing and he seemed blessed by supernatural stamina and discipline.”

from Papa John: A Music Legend’s Shattering Journey Through Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n’ Roll, by John Phillips (Dolphin Books/Doubleday, 1986)
Provided by Dana Cook, Contributor to the Los Angeles Free Press.
RW Klarins’ ‘Remembrance’ of Ravi is Ravi Shankar’s Magic Carpet of Passion and Youth

Ravi -Shankar, 7 April 1920 – 11 December 2012

David Anderle – Remembering Morrison

Elektra Records exec. sees a Physical Metamorphosis

     we went to Casa Cugat. We had dinner and he started drinking beer and a little tequila, and he started changing a little bit. Then he said, Let’s go to Whisky.

     …all of a sudden he is, like gone. He is standing on the table and yelling, Niggers! Fucking niggers can’t sing! I can sing the blues better than you!Thank God the music is loud. I grab him by the pants to try to get him seated, and I look up, and he’s looking down at me, and it’s the first time I ever encountered a schizophrenic, where a person’s face actually physically transformed. Jim as a guy was so calm and soft-speaking, very gentle deep voice, beautiful eyes, very sweet face. But this was the Devil. Chiseled face, maddened eyes. Just hate coming out of that face, hatred. He resembled physically no one that I knew. I had no idea who that person was, and he had no idea who I was. In the truest sense, this was not just a guy who’s blind drunk, but a person who actually went through a physical metamorphosis and became someone else. (Los Angeles, 1969)


     from Follow the Music: The Life and Times of Elektra Records in the Great Years of American Pop Culture, by Jac Holzman and Gavin Davis (FirstMedia, 1998)

Provided by Dana Cook, Contributor to the Los Angeles Free Press.)


Susan Atkins on Meeting Manson…

San Francisco, 1967
“I was breathless as I shut the door of the old brown house behind me and stood for several minutes listening to the music— a man’s voice — coming from the big room upstairs. I climbed the stairs slowly and stepped into the dusky room. Seated on the couch in front of the bay window was Charlie Manson, playing a beat-up, old guitar remarkably well and singing in a clear, but soft voice, “The shadow of your smile when you are gone will color all my dreams and light the dawn.”

After listening to Charlie sing and talk, after dancing with him and making love, after sensing and seeing the power of his mind, I knew I would go with him if he asked. I felt truly responsible for my actions, but at the same time I knew there was something inside me that was attracted to something inside him. I knew I had never encountered this before, and I knew I had to have what he had.”
Susan Atkins, “Manson Family” Member

Child of Satan, Child of God, by Susan Atkins with Bob Slosser (Logos International, 1977).
Provided by Dana Cook, Contributor to the Los Angeles Free Press.

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