The Project Packets listed below are ONLY for *Professionals ~ Published Authors, Documentarians, Historians, and Credentialed Educators.
They may be used for Sabbaticals, Historical Context, Reference Verification, Acquisition of Publication Rights, Documentaries, and more. There’s even Social Media Promotion Packet, upon request, for assistance in launching your Project.

To begin, please provide us with a General Description of your Project and its anticipated 1. Title, 2. Format (exhibit, print, film, and/or electronic), and 3. Date of Release. Slipping this Project Description into the ‘ARCHIVE Request’ Box on our Home Page will get it right to us, and we’ll get right back to you as to which Packet will serve you best!

ALL Professionals should take a Full-Year Subscription. First, it’s LESS than our Standard Annual Rate for the general public.  AND, second, it provides you with a 20% Savings(!) on any Research AND Rights Project Packet purchased within the first 30 days of your Subscription.
The 20% Discount can actually make your Subscription Better Than FREE!  For example, when it’s applied to Research AND Rights Packet #2 the Savings amount to $76 – almost twice the price of the Subscription itself!

Even better, on a purchase of the larger Packets – the Research AND M/I (Moving Image) Rights Packets – as the Discount is figured as a percentage of their price, you save even more. In fact, on our largest Packet the Discount amounts to an astounding $1,200 dollars. 
There’s no doubt that becoming a Subscriber PRIOR to your Packet purchase just makes good sense.

We look forward to your success – and to the dissemination of a history ‘not to be forgot’.

*If your Profession is other than those listed above, please tell us so that we may consider it -for Qualification and Discounts.

And there’s this, too…

The LA FP Collectors’ Registry is Now Open to New Members.

To join, drop a brief note with the Subject Line “Tell Me About It” in the ARCHIVE Request Box on our Home Page telling us what you have collected and/or what you want to collect. Whether your objective is to create a unique Collection of a particular band’s Adverts, Reviews, and/or Interviews, assemble the history of a society-changing political event, or sell the Collection you’ve cherished – we can be of help 🙂 Membership is just $52/year – that’s but a $1 a week – and provides you with the same 15% Discount Professional Subscribers receive on each of the Research Packets listed above.

Professional’s 1-Year Subscription
45 USD

Collectors’ Registry 1-Year Membership
52 USD

Collector’s Special D#3 for A/Srvcs
750 USD

Research Packet #1
92 USD

Research Packet #2
175 USD

Research Packet #3
225 USD
Research AND Rights Print Packet #1 199 USD

Research AND Rights Print Packet #2 380 USD

Research AND Rights Print Packet #3 535 USD
Research AND **M/I Rights
Packet #4
1,500 USD

Research AND **M/I Rights
Packet #5
5,500 USD


**M/I = Moving Image (Film, Video, etc.)

Important Notice: All Subscription and Packets will be priced 15% higher on January 1, 2020.