The Project Packets listed below are ONLY for *Professionals ~ Published Authors, Documentarians, Historians, and Credentialed Educators.
Among the Packets are those for Sabbaticals, Historical Context, Reference Verification, the (required) Right to Publish and even, upon request, assistance in the Social Media Promotion of your Project.

To begin, please provide us with a General Description of your Project and its anticipated 1. Title, 2. Format (exhibit, print, film, and/or electronic), and 3. Date of Release. Slipping this into our ‘ARCHIVE Request’ Box on our Home Page will get it right to us!

ALL Professionals should take a Full-Year Subscription. It’s LESS than our Standard Annual Rate for the general public.  AND it provides you with a 25% Savings(!) on any Research AND Rights Project Packet purchased within the first 30 days of your Subscription.
The 25% Discount can actually make your Subscription FREE or better!  For example, when it’s applied to even the lowest priced Research AND Rights Packet (R AND R  P#1) the Savings amount to $45 – the very same amount as the subscription itself.

Even better than that, on a purchase of the larger R AND R Packets, as the Discount is figured as a percentage of its price, you save even more. For instance, on R AND R P#3, the Discount amounts to $116 (and that’s on top of the volume discount rate already figured into its price!!)!

Professional Subscribers also receive, throughout the year, a 15% Discount on either of the Research AND Moving Image Rights Packets.  These Discounts, by themselves, are more than $300 each. 
Becoming a Subscriber PRIOR to your Packet purchase makes good sense.

We look forward to your success – and to the dissemination of a history ‘not to be forgot’.

*If your Profession is other than those listed above, please tell us so that we may consider it for Qualification and Discounts.

Okay, Okay, Already!!  We’ve heard enough from enough of you!

The LA FP Collectors’ Registry is Now Open for Membership. Drop a (Subject Line) “Tell Me About It” in the ARCHIVE Request Box on our Home Page, along with a brief note on what you have and/or what you want – and we’ll be right back to you on how we can be of help 🙂

Professional’s Full Year Subscription
45 USD

LA FP Collectors’ Registry
52 USD

Research Packet #1
80 USD

Research Packet #2
150 USD

Research Packet #3
195 USD
Research AND Rights Packet #1 180 USD

Research AND Rights Packet #2 330 USD

Research AND Rights Packet #3 465 USD
Research AND **M/I Rights
Packet #4
1,500 USD

Research AND **M/I Rights
Packet #5
6,000 USD


**M/I = Moving Image (Film, Video, etc.)

Important Notice: The Professional Subscription and all Packets Rates will be increased 15% on July 1, 2019.

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