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On the Issue of Manson / Photo of ‘Tate Suspects’

Here’s a copy of a LA Free Press Reader’s letter in support of Mr. Lipton’s ‘challenge for truth on the editorial broadcast on KNBC-TV’. That editorial by Piers Anderton was on his position that Manson represented hippies and the entire state of hippiedom.

And on this same page… there’s a photo of interest – both because it’s a picture of Manson Family Members(at this point, only known as ‘Tate Suspects’), and the societal statement that White girls suspected of murder don’t need no chains… but the 3 Black Panthers – girls, as well – do!

And, Oh, yeah – check out that second Letter to the Editor – ‘Panthers’.

KNBC-TV Manson Remarks Challenged – Again – by LA Free Press

The Media Uses Manson To Slam ‘Hippies’

‘The Moon Flights Never Happened’ So Says the Los Angeles Free Press – Nearly 50 Years Ago!

Just yesterday (11/19/2017), Newsweek magazine published an article that a photo purported to be evidence of NASA’s 1972 moon landing may, instead, be proof that it was ‘staged’ in a studio.

And we’re not certain that it wasn’t.  Of course, we’re coming from the perspective of a much earlier article we, the Los Angeles Free Press, published nearly 50 years ago(!) in 1969.  It challenged NASA’s report that they even made it to the moon that year.

Here’s the article in its entirety.

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