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Ravi Shankar Rocks!

Ravi Shankar * Ali Akbar Headline Festival From India

Way before RW Klarin became an LA FP Reporter,  he was a regular on the LA Concert Circuit – watching the artists on stage who would, 50 or so years laters, be celebrated as Icons of the Era. He, himself, remembers this particular concert in his ‘remembrance’ of Ravi Shankar. It was a memory brought about by his present-day visit to a concert by Ravi at the  Dorothy Chandler Pavillion.  Curiously, Ravi might have his own memory from way back when…

Jim Morrison Stands Out…

…on this LA Free Press Back Cover. It’s the Doors, Sweetwater, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Pacific Gas & Electric. Front Row seats – just $6.50
All this, but just for one night only… December 14th.
Now, as Jim was born ‘today’, the 8th, and this concert was in ’68, we’re going to leave it to you to figure just how old he was. And then to join us in wishing him a Happy…__th!

1st Time Ever in L.A. – BB&tHC w/Janis!

Tonight – and just tonight – at the Cheetah.

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