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From the LA Free Press Archive – It’s a 50-year (!) Throwback Thursday!

War Strangled by Long Hair – a Lesson for Those Who Want to Stop Climate Change

This was back  in 1969. Today, we’ve a very different situation.  Today,  here, we’re not talking  about  stopping people from fighting against people, we’re talking about people fighting for themselves.

Specifically, today’s reference is not against a war for regime change, it’s to a win a battle for Climate Change. And the consequences of winning are wonderful, while the consequences of losing are terrible,  very likely more terrible than they have ever been from a war, on this planet, of any kind.

The dead-body count of the Vietnam War, before protests finally  convinced politicians that they might gain ground but, literally, lose their constituency, was more than three and  a half million. Yet that was only a fraction of the dead-body count of the War to End All Wars in which more than 60 million people lost their lives.

Certainly, the cemetery pictured has no room for that number; and the one that would hold all the dead-bodies – head to foot, and side by side – from a Climate Change arriving before we could adapt – would not be but a mile by a mile, it would – if you do the math – be larger than the state of Rhode Island.  And, likely, that’s just a beginning… yes, dire consequences, indeed… as, once more, we might – listen to this – have a silent majority.

What can ‘we’ do, really, to keep this from happening?  Well, for our part, the LA Free Press published just ‘last week’ – which was actually 50 years and 1 week ago today (11/7/1969) – our own Ron Cobb’s ‘Ecology Symbol’.   Right there on our Front Page, it was put into ‘the Public Domain’ for the good of all (without an ‘ask’ for a single cent). Within 6 months Look Magazine incorporated it into a green and white flag, and it has led parades and protests the world over. Here’s one:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017_People%27s_Climate_March

It has been estimated that nearly a billion people have seen this flag, with the Ecology Symbol first published in the LA Free Press, fly!

So here’s the question – How is it that, with a start of more than 50 year years ago, the urgency of this matter has suddenly come to the forefront of our political process? Why was it there, then only simmered, and is now back again?
You Boomers (btw, that’s me and the vast majority of our readers – iow, not a derogatory word) only need to remember that we were the Millennials of the time. The energy is the same but, too, there’s a new respect for the younger voice, as they’re our own children who are speaking up. We may not gain any points for having been there first, but we should certainly consider and step up and say what it took for us to win the battles that we did.
Look at that schedule – the one to stop a war. It is only of the LA activities – but events just like those were happening across the entire Country. And Yes, events like that – for what is now no longer called the Ecology Movement, having been re-branded Climate Change – are happening again. Know that it only mattered when we participated, understand that that only mattered when we didn’t stop participating. Didn’t stop till, not the War, but a battle for the good of humanity, was won. Persistence wins – and stepping up to say so may make all the difference in the world.


Well, let’s dispense that first question as quickly as we can: on the very same day we published this Issue another up and coming publication, LIFE Magazine, published its headline – Paul is still with us.
Of course, our writer hadn’t speculated that Paul was, indeed, gone. Surely, that would have been an embarrassing announcement in light of that happy news that he had, indeed, been found – alive and well on his farm in Scotland.
What our writer wrote about was not just the clues that preceded Paul’s disappearance, but the creativity that kept them together. And it was that discussion the begat his second question.. phrased another way, Are you alive to what they were singing about?
While you ponder that, as you might have done back then, I’ll add this sad note from that day’s lucky find. It was Paul’s quote, he had gone to Scotland to get away from the stress of the group’s recent in-fighting about their management, and realized that “The Beatle thing is over.” Maybe he, too, should have pondered what they were singing about.
But let me leave you here – before moving onto to what turned out to truly be the prescient news of the day – with a first link for fun, while the second a bit of a spoiler. Hope you enjoy them both! (AND… don’t you dare ‘read the black box first’ 🙂 )
Link 1 – https://www.beatle.net/paul-mccartney-admits-beatles-planned-death-hoax/
and Link 2 – https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/paul-mccartney-is-dead-conspiracy-897189/

That ‘prescient news’ (mentioned above) will be here for you tomorrow (see you, then!) It’s truly a light shone onto our future. One more time that the LA FP was the harbinger of important issues – many of them, like this one, that are still with us 50 years hence!

And here are a few additions to today’s post:
*The Rolling Stones Roll into Town! – Poster is already up (on 11/7) at https://www.facebook.com/LAFPmusic/ Look now, as that event happens on ‘the 8th’. Then,
*Some lucky lady’s 76th Birthday is today, and she’s got a gig ‘coming up’! It, too – and some vids – will be posted on the FB LAFPMusic Page. (At 6 CA time.)
Again, we’ll be here tomorrow – come join us – for ‘yesterday’s’ news that is as relevant now as it was then 🙂

THE NEW-RIGHT BIKER Violent Voice of Fascism

For all the big type of the headline, this is actually a very small ‘article’… it’s but a single column, comprised solely and only of a motorcycle gang member’s recruitment pitch.  However, we felt its portent loomed large… that it was, in actuality, a real and developing threat to our democracy.
Of course, at that time, if the mainstream papers had come to the same conclusion they were unlikely to put it in print for the public. Therefore, you can read our Los Angeles Free Press Front Page from all the way across the street.
And, a mere 22 years later, the California Department of Justice, Bureau of Organized Crime and Criminal Intelligence, backed us up with their release of the Report given that year at the National Law Enforcement Intelligence Units’ Seminar. However, there was a caveat to that release – “The information contained in the report is for the restricted use of law enforcement personnel only.”.
2 chuckles from it, maybe 3. The first, it was the 1945ish transplanted Pissed Off Bastards of Bloomington who brought the violent motorcycle gang culture to sunny California. That begat 2 terms you hear nowadays, but may not know of their use back then: the acronym OMG (for Outlaw Motorcycle Gang), and the 1948 moniker of “the 1 percenters”.
These 2 terms are still used by law enforcement agencies and the gangs themselves; they are definitive terms. In other words, strictly speaking, they both agree that these motorcycle clubs are outlaws – they neither belong to nor abide by the rules of the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) – and that only one percent of motorcyclists belong to those clubs.
But the broader understanding, per the recruitment pitch published here and a wide variety of contemporary documentation, is that
*they don’t ‘just’ rue the the rules of the AMA, they intentionally break them – and many others.
*Violence IS their way. In fact – within that ‘broader understanding’, “1%er” actually designates a dangerous human being (i.e. re: that ‘other documentation’ – there’s even instruction for emergency room personnel not only on how to handle, for their own safety, a wounded MCG Member – apparently frequent patients – but so that they don’t set off the ‘family’ that follows! Respect for each gang’s own ‘culture’ – their customs of greeting one another, the pecking order of members, the status of women, and so on – and their ‘colors’, including symbols, jackets, and patches worn with pride, i.e. a ‘1%er'(for prone to violence), could be the difference between safe and very, very sorry.
*Most chilling, they maintain a military order, and White Supremacy then, now, and forever is their goal.
It was for these reasons that we choose this particular story as our lead back in 1969. And why, on this 50th year anniversary, we can add it to our long list of remarkably prescient articles: MCGs are now an even greater threat to our democracy.
Explain that?
OK, but first, and only for a moment, let’s go back to 1948, California… just so you’re not left up in the air about what happened to those Pissed Off Bastards of Bloomington. In Fontana, practically in our backyard, tho the LA FP did not arrive in LA till 1964, some of those Bastards got together and formed the Hells Angeles. And by 1966, the 3 other OMGs – the Pagans, the Outlaws, and the Bandidos – of the Big Four, were all up and running, as well. The chance to nip a bad seed in the bud was gone.
So today, besides the hundreds of ‘Charters’ of these Clubs here in America – and their nearly half a million Members – there are hundreds of Charters around the world. In fact, since 1969, the year of this Issue, the Hells Angeles themselves have established more than 300 Charters in Europe alone. Charters were issued in Australia by the end of the 70’s, in South America by the mid 80’s, in South Africa by the early 90’s and, in 2009, their first one was issued in a Muslim country, Turkey. Of course, other countries came on before ’69 – New Zealand in 1961, for example – and many in the 2010’s. And, remember, this is just the Hells Angels’ worldwide expansion.
Two more of the Big 4 OMGs also have, in total, hundreds of international Chapters. Then there are the dozens upon dozens of OMGs that are homebodies, mostly established in the central and western states. While the remaining 1 of the Big Four – the Pagans – have simply laid claim to the entire East Coast – and Puerto Rico.
It all comes together now, in 2019, with greater relevancy like this:
While our 1969 article exposed that the principles of MCGs were the antithesis of American values and warned that if their recruitment drive were successful our democracy was in danger, at that point, the MCGs were separate entities. In fact, they were at war with one another. Their commonality was limited to the above factors, and just one more – their crime was, mostly, petty, their trade marked by brutality, they had no business models to develop. In the ’70’s, still as warring entities, small time activities of prostitution, theft, and ‘protection, turned into larger enterprises. The Big Four, either through their large territorial claims and/or their international connections brought illicit drug dealing to the fore, and there was enough money to make laundering it into a business of its own. In sum, but still as separate gangs, they came into the 2000’s with more than a billion dollars in annual revenue.
Could they have made more as one big, happy family? Seems likely, but just as unlikely that any club would give up its ‘culture’, ‘colors’, or ‘territory’ to any other club. I will venture to say that while we saw that recruits to each club would rip holes in the fabric of communities, tearing down the rights of locals who were ‘different’, the gays, the black, the immigrated – the anybody but white – I don’t believe that when this article was first published that we ever imagined that here, in America, there would ever be a leader who could possibly bring all of the MCGs together, unite them in purpose. It would be synergistic, a force greater than the power of the individual entities, to the benefit them all. It would be transformative. It would present a clear and present danger to the entire nation IF, as we did imagine, their membership grew.
But there was no such leader in mind. Now, there is…


Confessions Of A Spy…

is not the Front Page story but let’s hope it’s the fate that befalls (or, more properly, uplifts) the perpetrators of the 4 articles that do begin on this page. Here is our spy’s confession, followed by a page that has the balance of 2 of 4 the ‘lead’ articles.

As the swastika on the Front Page indicates, each of the articles are but one illustration in a larger picture. A picture that sometimes fades but, I guarantee you, 50 years hence, in 2020, it will be, once again, bright and shiny. And, of all places, right here in America! It – Fascism – will be endemic and systemic.
Not so sure these 4 instances are seeds to anything in particular? or what that might look like in
full bloom? Here are 14 characteristics of Fascism as written down by political scientist Dr. Lawrence Britt in 2003 – that’s 34 years from ‘today’ in 1969 and 16 years back if you are just now catching up with the LA Free Press. If they all seem familiar… it’s time to talk about what we should do next.

(Just so ya know…
Today you can catch a break at https://www.facebook.com/LAFPmusic
and the rest of this story right back here tomorrow.)

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