You may think you know what happened with Charlie… but that’s simply not true IF all you saw was the ‘mainstream’ news. And even if you were looking elsewhere, what we have is eye-opening. Why? Because we (the LA Free Press) were NOT mainstream, we were not tamping down the reports. AND… our sources INCLUDED Charlie, himself! In most cases, if you have seen what you will see here, it is because it was copied from our original publication, we were the first to publish it, and we published more of the story as it happened that any other publication.

It’s simply because our interest was different – and this makes sense, doesn’t it? WE were the hippies, so an attack against Charlie – as our representative – was an attack against us! We wanted to hear his side. In turn, knowing that he had our ear, he shared information that he knew would simply be tossed by others. You can read it in the letters he sent to our Editor, in our articles that brought out the ‘other’ (and, still, largely unknown) side of his story. Here you can share our special access: we were the first to have a jailhouse interview, hear his viewpoints on the judge, the prosecution, you’ll see his songs and art, the Defense Fund ads, ads for his record, and much more. It’s all in the LA FP Report ‘Charles Manson:  from Caught to Convicted (with LA FP Exclusives)‘.

Our format? Originally, The LA Free Press ran its articles, Charlie’s Letters to the Editor, art work, and so on in just about every week’s Issue for more than a year – it was a big case, with many twists and turns. Beginning today, though, we are going to re-publish them, instead, day after day, Monday thru Friday, from the very first LA FP Item to the very last one. That way, you can read them one right after another as if you were actually in the moment, moment by moment! (In other words, for free, you’ll be flipping through the pages of that LA FP Report.  And guess what? They are actually ‘pages’ that you can ‘flip’ through!)

So, let’s get started… first with the article that kicked up the ire of Lawrence Lipton (it’s  HERE.).  Then let’s go to the one on this page – it’s his response.  As usual, he was vociferous, but this was not his typical tone; he was particularly struck by this indictment… of ‘our’ values.

With regard to that, it may be helpful for you to know how deeply those values were embedded; as a Beat, much of what he held true was the basis of what our ‘hippie generation’ turned into a lifestyle. His book, The Holy Barbarians (1959), is often credited with bringing the wave of Beatniks to our neighboring city, Santa Monica, and his appearance in The Hypnotic Eye (1960) enshrined him as the “King of the Beatniks”. (But nowadays, it’s likely that people will more easily identify with him as Inside the Actors Studio host James Lipton’s dad.)

Now… onto the rest of the story… it’s at The Book of Manson