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'Ecology Action'

A Unique Perspective by Patrick Mayers

        Contributing Writer, Los Angeles Free Press

[Ed.s Note:  You can begin Mr. Mayers’ article above, the balance of it is further below.  Just thought we should take a moment to once again honor Ron Cobb, the LA FP’s storied political cartoonist, who created the Ecology Symbol from the letters “e” and “o” (“environment” and “organism”) superimposed one on the other.   It became one of Earth Day’s very first symbols… and was GIFTED, by him, right from this November, 1969 Front Page of the LA Free Press into the Public Domain!

Look Magazine then placed it (in April) into a flag similar to that of the United States. Their Ecology Flag had thirteen alternating green and white stripes, with Ron’s Symbol centered in its green canton.

The symbol that Ron created was then associated with the Greek letter Θ (Theta) and, thereby, the Greek word thanatos (death).  While this was not the original intent, is it justified by the human pummeling of the environment?

The Flag is said to have been seen by more than 500 million Earthlings! Whether understood with Ron’s original meaning, or that given to it by Look, the Symbol was still so strongly associated with the Environmental Movement that even a ‘New Age’ group (in 2010) incorporated it into its name; Decocidio is an anonymous, autonomous collective of hacktivists who are part of Earth First!, a radical environmental protest organization that adheres to Climate Justice Action.

Now here’s the balance of that article about the genesis of LA’s  Chapter of Ecology Action. ]

Seems as if it was all spelled out then.  Your thoughts  on why we haven’t gotten further, sooner… and what must happen now…  Please consider our offer in the next column over – – – ->

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