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Been There.
Done That.

A Unique Perspective by Andrew Fox

m68m3h22203bwIt wasn’t often that the LA Free Press drew from one of its affiliates, but this was a warning of a bad storm coming.  And, as our policy was always to be the window that gave a glimpse of what was truly brewing, regardless of how busy the mainstream media was painting a different scene, we published it, right then, in its entirety.

Now, nearly 50-years later, it seems as if it could be one of our own as it, too, is as prescient as our other articles;  Was Donald Trump’s path to victory in a picture from our past?

YOU can answer that question either in the Column to the right – – ->… 

Or you can put your two cents in as per the next paragraph.  (Why not do both!)

WHAT to do about something like this? On our affiliated Facebook Page, we posted this:

LET’S TURN OUT to TURN AROUND the Electoral College vote… in Washington D.C…. on the “1st Monday after the 2nd Wednesday in December.”
>That’s the day that our Constitution sets for it to vote on who will become our next President. This year, it’s December 19th.
> Thus far, the Electoral College plans to vote for Donald Trump… even though we, The People, have given Hillary nearly 400,000 more votes!
> Shouldn’t every one of us, ESPECIALLY the 400,000 of you whose vote is being tossed aside, stand upon its doorstep on that very day to remind them that still, in America, every single one of our votes count?
> The whole world will be watching… Do we ACTUALLY have a democracy?

You can go THERE and make comment, as well.  Here is the link –

( https://www.facebook.com/LAFreePress )

NEWS FLASH!  That thought of ours was posted on 11/11 – on the 17th the same thought (independently) was constructed as a petition that has now gathered more than 4 MILLION signatures.  Go to the link immediately above and read all about it – AND – see what you might be able to do in this effort.  Remember – you ONLY have till the 19th!!!




Now a 2nd Chance to
Get it Right.

…THIS column is awaiting a (your) cogent, comparative view of how we, as a society, have progressed (or not) from the report given on the left. Are we at the Tipping Point of the societal shift that the LA Free Press helped to establish more than 50 years ago?

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