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Been There.
Done That.

"If they're playing Nazi, we're not their Jews."

A Unique Perspective by H. Lawrence Lack

        Contributing Writer, Los Angeles Free Press

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Now a 2nd Chance to
Get it Right.

A Unique Perspective by James Moore

        Contributing Writer, Los Angeles Free Press

Per H. Lawrence Lack’s December 2, 1966 article “If they’re playing Nazi, we’re not their Jews:” Transpose 1966 with 2016, and we are back to the same problems as before, slightly intensified. Remember Flint and remember Ferguson. Most of all, remember Steve Bannon. When President Trump set the tone for his administration from the beginning by bringing former head of Breitbart News (and leading anti-semite and racial war-slinger) into his administration, it became more than just a rudimentary “us-versus-them” mentality. It became more than just a matter of white people caring only for their own property. The Nazis are back in town, and we’ve allowed for their normalization off the heels of the Obama administration. Dr. King had a dream of a more perfect union the likes of which Abe Lincoln would have been proud. But a union of hate is no union at all, and the leftists of America have an obligation now to ‘trump’ the current establishment. It’s no longer 1966; the future is now. It’s time to say before Pharaoh, “Let my people go!”

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