Gene Youngblood
From his start with us in 1967 he became – and is – an internationally-respected theorist of media and politics, and a scholar in the history and theory of alternative cinemas, he is a pioneer in the Media Democracy Movement. His best-known book, Expanded Cinema, was the first to consider video as an art form and has been credited with legitimatizing the fields of computer art and media arts.

Paul Krassner
Paul has been a good friend of ours since the early ’60’s – not only did we write about his exploits – i.e. as a co-founder of the YIPPIES!, a standup and a standout –  but he wrote for us, too.

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RW Klarin is the new old guy.
He’s ‘our’ age, a Boomer, and a reader of the LA FP from way back when. It’s just that he only began writing for us this summer (2017)… about 50 years later than most of the other Staffers! The good news is that he actually still remembers those times, and his perspective is from these times. It was RW (Ran, to his friends…which now includes you) who brought to us the concept for our newest section – ‘Remembrances’. An interesting word – Something serving to celebrate or honor the memory of a person or event – it perfectly describes Ran’s posts.
Just as interesting is how he comes about gathering them for all of us – AND why. For more on that, Click on the link below…

RW Mission Statement

Dana Cook is a native of Burlington, Vt. and a graduate of the University of Vermont. A Vietnam War resister, he moved to Toronto, Canada in 1970, where he still resides… and has probably met a number of LA Freepers over the years who landed there then  for much the same reason.

He is both a journalist and editor, and has been mining autobiographies and memoirs for 25 years. His Collections of Encounters with the Famous have been published in a wide range of newspapers, magazines and journals including The Hemingway Review, The Globe and Mail (Toronto), Counterpunch, The Satirist and The W.H. Auden Society Newsletter. He was also an obituary columnist for from 2004 to 2009 where among his subjects were Marlon Brando, Johnny Carson, Lady Bird Johnson, Norman Mailer, and Walter Cronkite. Our list of personalities is a bit different…

 With us, now, we will be publishing his collections of recollections of those who met the personalities in the LA Free Press. You’ll find those in our ‘Remembrance’ section… Please don’t hesitate to add your own remembrance of the people that he features.
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