Welll… truth be told, probably not.  At least not back in the day when the (unwritten) sign right above the entrance read “Mickey Mouse Empire Likes Ears Showing”,

Good news, tho, the ‘sign’ doesn’t actually hoisted until 3 PM … so… hurry on down.  Hal Waldman, our Reporter, makes an interesting point about the Hell’s Angeles and I, muyself, can’t help but wonder what if Donovan, in town in not quite two weeks, pops in just after 3 in that, too, he might not be ‘properly attired’.

Even you may be surprised by who’s on the Longhair List.

Now, like always, there’s more to the page than just today’s featured story, certainly much more in the Issue itself. We’ll begin with the page, tho…

  • There’s notice of Donovan’s up-coming Hollywood Bowl  (Box Seats at just $6.50!)
  •  A great Review of the Vanilla Fudge’s 1st album (yes, you coud tell there were going to be more and, no, it wasn’t – but should have been -named ‘Delicious’). Take note – they are ‘currently’ appearing at the Golden Bear.
  •  In the same ‘column’ by Eileen Kaufman, there is also mention of Cream, and her thoughts on Spanky and Our Gang’s album, as well.
  •  The entire schedule of the Pacific Jazz Festival is there for you, too.
  •   Bonus is at the bottom – The Magic Mushroom has Kaleidoscope and the W.C. Fields Band ‘today thru Sunday’ and THEN a lice taping of Radio Free Oz!

Ok, so that leaves us with the larger matter ofthe Issue itself… you can see the 3 headlines up at the top, but the Black Delegate’s challenge to a White Liberal might provide some insight to you , too.  And further in – on Page 8 – There’s an article suggesting that militant Blacks might be moved to a full-scale (and ill-fated) Revolution.  Fortunately, you CAN see that article because…

RW Klarin, a fairly hip guy (afterall, he is a LA FP Reporter!), has been following the battle to get psychedelic MDMA approved as a treatment for certain mental illnesses.  And Lo and behold! on our Front Page, in just about the same week  (tho 50 YEARS earlier) as the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies announces that MDMA has beed granted the FDA’s coveted designation of a ‘Breakthrough Therapy’ for PTSD, is an article where – not the mental illness institutions – but the police were putting out the word that psychedelics were all cause, not leaving any possibility that they might be a cure, as well. (As the article goes 3 pages in length, you’ll see that article on the militant Blacks as you read through them.  There’s also one on justice – actually the lack of it – in juvie.)

In addition to these articles, there are even more musical artist performances than those mentioned above.   There are playdates promoted for The Marvellos, Arthur K. Adams, Bobby Angel, Taj Mahal, The People, Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Big Mama Thornton, and about a dozen more!

This all brings me to something I skipped over… Ran – that RW Klarin guy –  using that article about  pinning the suicide on LSD, has written about the benefits of MDMA.  You can see his good work, shortly, at https://losangelesfreepress.com/where-have-all-the-psychedelics-gone/