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1st Time Ever in L.A. – BB&tHC w/Janis!

Tonight – and just tonight – at the Cheetah.

Student Counterspy Ploy Sends CIA Underground

Perhaps you actually don’t recall being there.  Yet, somehow, you know that coat is somewhere, the shades, too. And when hit the play button… there’s that flash… and you’re back 🙂

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Beverly Hills to Call Off War?

50 years ago, on this Throwback Thursday, there were high hopes that the Beverly Hills City Council would listen to its constituents and pass a Resolution on their behalf… to end the war.
Would polls today show, as then did then, that peace was their preferred option? Perhaps, this time, a Resolution could be passed to pre-empt a war, such as the one that seems to be brewing not far from the one back then.