Well… lots of intresting articles on this Front Page. There’s the ‘Shoot-out in L.A.’. In one version of the story, 2 Officers – without provocation – shot up a car full of black men. Yes. one was a ranking Black Panther. (Exclusive interview follows.) And then you’ve the one about local FBI Agents filing charges with the Attorney General to remove J. Edgar Hoover. AND, then, a break in the JFK assassination case??!

Even so, this week we’re featuring something on the inside – the letter on ‘Page 6’. It’s an opinion piece. Not only – except for that Vietnam War thing – does it seem to be referring to the collective behaviour in our D.C. Pantheon, the situation it discusses – the small chance of the electorate actually influencing representatives once they are elected – is also with us today. (Though, take note, – those 50 years ago -, the author held out hope for a “new, perhaps uninvented” form which might substitute for demonstrations and city ballots. Had he foreseen the advent of Facebook?)

Do take the read: his description of the Congress back ‘in the day’ is dead-on, as is his shout-out of how the election process worked, then, against our best expectations. And here we are 50 years later. Have we gone beyond Paul Encimer’s final conclusion? Or is that what is still to come?
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