is not the Front Page story but let’s hope it’s the fate that befalls (or, more properly, uplifts) the perpetrators of the 4 articles that do begin on this page. Here is our spy’s confession, followed by a page that has the balance of 2 of 4 the ‘lead’ articles.

As the swastika on the Front Page indicates, each of the articles are but one illustration in a larger picture. A picture that sometimes fades but, I guarantee you, 50 years hence, in 2020, it will be, once again, bright and shiny. And, of all places, right here in America! It – Fascism – will be endemic and systemic.
Not so sure these 4 instances are seeds to anything in particular? or what that might look like in
full bloom? Here are 14 characteristics of Fascism as written down by political scientist Dr. Lawrence Britt in 2003 – that’s 34 years from ‘today’ in 1969 and 16 years back if you are just now catching up with the LA Free Press. If they all seem familiar… it’s time to talk about what we should do next.

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