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Ray Manzarek – Remembering Morrison

The Doors keyboardist saw him for a moment as an Indian deity, kicking up diamonds…

And there I was, just sitting in the sun, being a bum, smoking a joint and trusting in the energy. And who comes walking down the [Venice] Beach, but James Douglas Morrison [who he knew from UCLA Film School]. The sun is streaming in behind him, the water is glistening, and I see this silhouetted figure walking along in the shallows, the shore break, kicking up water. I can’t quite make out who it is, but as he’s kicking at the water, diamonds are materializing all around his feet. He’s like an Indian deity, like Krishna—the Blue God—creating a field of diamonds from his footsteps, like Sai Baba, a popular guru of the time, materializing ashes from his fingers, but this human figure is producing glittering, ephemeral, now-you-see-them, now-you-don’t jewels. He’s making diamonds because of the way the sun is hitting the water from behind. It’s called backlighting. It gives everything a halo of light; it makes translucent objects shimmer with an inner fire. And the sun is coming in low and hard. It’s the beginning of eventide…(1965)

from Light My Fire: My Life With the Doors, by Ray Manzarek (G.P. Putnam’s, 1998)
Provided by Dana Cook, Contributor to the Los Angeles Free Press.

Susan Atkins on Meeting Manson…

San Francisco, 1967
“I was breathless as I shut the door of the old brown house behind me and stood for several minutes listening to the music— a man’s voice — coming from the big room upstairs. I climbed the stairs slowly and stepped into the dusky room. Seated on the couch in front of the bay window was Charlie Manson, playing a beat-up, old guitar remarkably well and singing in a clear, but soft voice, “The shadow of your smile when you are gone will color all my dreams and light the dawn.”

After listening to Charlie sing and talk, after dancing with him and making love, after sensing and seeing the power of his mind, I knew I would go with him if he asked. I felt truly responsible for my actions, but at the same time I knew there was something inside me that was attracted to something inside him. I knew I had never encountered this before, and I knew I had to have what he had.”
Susan Atkins, “Manson Family” Member

Child of Satan, Child of God, by Susan Atkins with Bob Slosser (Logos International, 1977).
Provided by Dana Cook, Contributor to the Los Angeles Free Press.

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