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Tag: Grape Boycott

Grape Boycott Grows

Yikes! Will Hippies Become Yippies? And What About Those Grapes?

This week’s 50-Year Throwback is a double-header… one story just beginning, and (?) the other one nearing its end. We choose the first of the two to feature as, without it, you’ll not have context for the BIG story about to unfold (it hits our Front Page 2 Issues from now). So… here it is – the coming of age of
The Youth International Party, the Yippies… and their plan to gather at the up-coming Democratic Convention in Chicago.
They were a youth-oriented counter-cultural group of anti-authoritarian anarchists heading toward a revolution; they were opposed to the Vietnam War and the politicians who advocated fighting till its finish. Like a small number of other protest groups, they used street theater to make fun of the status-quo and, too, pranks. These tactics were generally dis-respected (in today’s parlance – dissed) by the sit-down and march protesters of the day. No doubt, this was to the delight of at least one of the Party’s Founding Members, Paul Krassner, as they were once referred to as the ‘Groucho Marxists’.” {Note to self – Better Call Paul to confirm.]
‘Today’s’ articles – posted below – give you a better idea of who The Yippies were and how they might figure into the Big Bang that was heard in the streets of Chicago, an explosion so loud it reverberated right over to the Republican Convention!

As to that other story – it is significant. While the California Table Grape Boycott had already taken large steps forward, a Federal Court ruling broke its back by halting its efforts to take the strike nationwide. We’ve placed the article in another section for your perusal.. it can be found here:

Grape Boycott Grows

Acid Test Graduation Party


There’s no question of what news in this week’s Throwback Thursday Issue of the LA Free Press deserves your attention – and that’s why the Victory of the Farm Workers is on its 50-year-old Front Page. That’s also the reason that we’ve put it into our A Unique Perspective section… so you can read it in its entirety AND make comment. Here’s how you get to that: https://losangelesfreepress.com/farm-workers-win-big-grape-victory/

That said… nothing says 60’s more than that sub-headline at the very top of the page – Ken Kesey’s ‘Acid Test’ except, maybe, ‘Is Love Obscene in S.F.?’. So, you’re getting both! The Article about the Acid Test (Graduation, as it turns out) is right here. And the other story is on the 2nd page of the article about the Farm Worker’s Victory (at the link given above). It’s just like the Ellen Show.

Now to those of you who might have a spare moment for contemplation… LSD is back, and micro-dosing has been said to have had a positive impact on those who need to think creatively – like those .com types up in Silicon Valley. Might LSD be beneficial for us, as well – teachers, philosophers, sci-fi writers, medical researchers, musicians, et al? Time to bring that Acid Test back?
(btw… if you’d like to know the history of how the Test arrived in LA and its evolution there, just let us know. The whole story is in the LA FP Archives.)