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Tag: JFK assassination

Is This One Of The JFK Assassins?

Yesterday was the 54th year since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. When it happened back on November, 22, 1963, I thought that – forever – it would be remembered, surely each year we would all pause for a moment. But, really, that hasn’t been the case these last few years.
Books and films did come earlier and, of course, there are still the news reports. And, too, there were the ‘anniversary’ date specials. I remember wondering, after the 50th, if the next one would be 50 years later, when we would be looking 100 years back.

And had the whole matter of the controversy – who was the responsible party – been put to rest, or was it simply that 50 years of that discussion had outlasted any interest in it. Perhaps there had been a coordinated campaign to so discount the alternative theories to Lee Harvey Oswald being the sole assassin that there was nothing more to be said. Even after all these years, with more and more of the witnesses to the event gone under suspicious circumstances, there seemed to be little to stop the memory from fading.

But then the mandated deadline for the release of the 30,000 plus documents – those that were 50 years old, and a large portion of which contributed to the Official Report of what really happened – via the Warren Commission – loomed… and interest spiked, dramatically.

And, too, with our increased distrust of who is controlling the news, and (for the moment) our ability to widely distribute our own views and the results of our own investigations, there has been more conversation on the matter than many in the government were willing to tolerate. In fact, they pressed heavily to halt the release and, to date less than half of the documents have actually been made available to us.

We, here, at the Los Angeles Free Press, are interested as to when the photo – the Moorman photo – the one that you now see on our Front Page – of 50 years ago(!) – will be among the remaining 17,000 documents put in our hands.

James Garrison’s First Reports on the JFK Assassination

Who’s James Garrison… and why should you listen to him?

A New Orleans D.A., he came across a local connection to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  Eventually, as improbable as it may still seem now – and against much contemporary criticism then – he postulated that not only had that plan been hatched right there in his home town, but that it was authored by the CIA and involved the Dallas city government and its police department. And that fascism was a key component. Then he took it all to court.

Known by the name of a local that Garrison had arrested as a suspected participant, the Clay Shaw Trial put all of his gathered evidence on display, including the Zapruder film that Garrison wrested from Life magazine.  All in all, the trial was two years in the making.   The draw, at that point was, for the most part, the very same revelations that he makes in his speech printed in this Issue of the Los Angeles Free Press.  Particularly,  they were the magnitude of the other players and his very public challenge of the Warren Commission’s Report.

We (the Los Angeles Free Press) had been interested in this story early on – as you can see – presenting it without the filter of the mainstream press.  And when the trial came about in 1969, so that we could again do that for our readers, our Publisher, then Art Kunkin, actually went to New Orleans and reported, week after week, directly from the courthouse. And when you read his direct reports in the LA FP Issues of that year, you can see that there was surely more to it than the government-controlled media would print.

Art’s reports and, of course, the three books Garrison subsequentally wrote on the Kennedy assassination (1970, 1976, and the best-seller, On the Trail of the Assassins, in 1988), along with Oliver Stone’s 1991 film, JFK, based on Garrison’s work is a good answer to the earlier question of why you should listen to him. But, too, there is this statement by Murray Rothbard, Libertarian theorist: “Garrison, one of the most viciously smeared figures in modern political history, was simply a district attorney trying to do his job in the most important criminal case of our time.”  And, finally, now that our government has released the JFK Assassination File – nearly 50 years since the President was murdered – but shot thru and thru with redactions and without comment on the Warren Commission’s omissions, the complete text of his speech is even more interesting – and important.

Please take advantage of this rare opportunity to read through it.

There are, though, 3 additonal pages – ‘Were Oswald and Ruby Friends?’, ‘President Johnson Profited Most from the Assassination’, and ‘Oswald Framed with U.S. Help’ – which include a separate section of Garrison’s answers to the audience’s questions. They’re not placed here because of space and downloading considerations, but are available for free to Subscribers.
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