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Tag: Jim Morrison

David Anderle – Remembering Morrison

Elektra Records exec. sees a Physical Metamorphosis

     we went to Casa Cugat. We had dinner and he started drinking beer and a little tequila, and he started changing a little bit. Then he said, Let’s go to Whisky.

     …all of a sudden he is, like gone. He is standing on the table and yelling, Niggers! Fucking niggers can’t sing! I can sing the blues better than you!Thank God the music is loud. I grab him by the pants to try to get him seated, and I look up, and he’s looking down at me, and it’s the first time I ever encountered a schizophrenic, where a person’s face actually physically transformed. Jim as a guy was so calm and soft-speaking, very gentle deep voice, beautiful eyes, very sweet face. But this was the Devil. Chiseled face, maddened eyes. Just hate coming out of that face, hatred. He resembled physically no one that I knew. I had no idea who that person was, and he had no idea who I was. In the truest sense, this was not just a guy who’s blind drunk, but a person who actually went through a physical metamorphosis and became someone else. (Los Angeles, 1969)


     from Follow the Music: The Life and Times of Elektra Records in the Great Years of American Pop Culture, by Jac Holzman and Gavin Davis (FirstMedia, 1998)

Provided by Dana Cook, Contributor to the Los Angeles Free Press.)


David Crosby – Remembering Morrison

Last week was Jim’s Birthday and, as always, we celebrated it with unusual posts and positivity. This post is a bit different… We’ll look for your reactions and comments to see if we should include these kinds of observations and memories in our remembrances.

So… No question that you know David Crosby… singer-songwriter (Byrds, C,S & N) – his thought was that Jim had a sublimated masochism. Your thought?

“I had dropped acid with a guy who had worked for the Byrds as our equipment tech. The two of us drove down to the Strip in his VW van because we thought it was a good idea to go see some live music at the Whisky. Jim Morrison was there and Morrison, as far as I could tell, had a masochistic bent; he sublimated it. He’d go out and get monumentally trashed—and pick a fight with someone who would beat him up. He did it repeatedly…I’m wearing sunglasses because I’m thoroughly dosed and the lights of the clubs on the Strip need deamplification before they hit my retina. Morrison comes over to where I’m standing in the back. He attacks us, actually jumps at us, saying to me as he does, “You can’t hide behind those shades.”…

from Long Time Gone: The Autobiography of David Crosby, by David Crosby with Carl Gottlieb (Doubleday, 1988)
Provided by Dana Cook, Contributor to the Los Angeles Free Press.

Ray Manzarek – Remembering Morrison

The Doors keyboardist saw him for a moment as an Indian deity, kicking up diamonds…

And there I was, just sitting in the sun, being a bum, smoking a joint and trusting in the energy. And who comes walking down the [Venice] Beach, but James Douglas Morrison [who he knew from UCLA Film School]. The sun is streaming in behind him, the water is glistening, and I see this silhouetted figure walking along in the shallows, the shore break, kicking up water. I can’t quite make out who it is, but as he’s kicking at the water, diamonds are materializing all around his feet. He’s like an Indian deity, like Krishna—the Blue God—creating a field of diamonds from his footsteps, like Sai Baba, a popular guru of the time, materializing ashes from his fingers, but this human figure is producing glittering, ephemeral, now-you-see-them, now-you-don’t jewels. He’s making diamonds because of the way the sun is hitting the water from behind. It’s called backlighting. It gives everything a halo of light; it makes translucent objects shimmer with an inner fire. And the sun is coming in low and hard. It’s the beginning of eventide…(1965)

from Light My Fire: My Life With the Doors, by Ray Manzarek (G.P. Putnam’s, 1998)
Provided by Dana Cook, Contributor to the Los Angeles Free Press.

Jim Morrison Stands Out…

…on this LA Free Press Back Cover. It’s the Doors, Sweetwater, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Pacific Gas & Electric. Front Row seats – just $6.50
All this, but just for one night only… December 14th.
Now, as Jim was born ‘today’, the 8th, and this concert was in ’68, we’re going to leave it to you to figure just how old he was. And then to join us in wishing him a Happy…__th!