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Who Wants ‘Sane’ Laws on Pot?


Well, of course(?), it’s the “Young Reaganites” as you can plainly see by the title of our Front Page article. And while this may seem revolutionary, it’s when you follow the article to page 2 that you really get to see ‘what’s happening’.

There it is, in both the right and the left-hand columns… while the conservatives are unwittingly on the brink of benefiting from the progressive possibilities of pot, ironically from insisting that the government not expand its purview per their core value… LSD and and its culture are the revolutionary forces that are, actually, in gear.

Lawrence Lipton, in his Free America column, not only touts LSD as something much more mind-expanding than pot, but points directly to why its use is so troublesome… to the ‘establishment’; a truly free-mind is a difficult thing to rope-in, even more so if it is not even interested in the regulations being promulgated ‘for our own good’.

Here’s another insight – most of us (and the establishment, especially) think of revolution in terms of a straight-out push against the regs on the books. But Leary’s advice (or, as the establishment might see it… a battle cry) was to “Turn on, Tune in, and DROP OUT”. In Lawrence’s own words “Dropping out – by any other name, Disaffiliation or whatever – is the deadliest insult anyone can offer the Establishment.”

Reflect on how this would go over today. Think along this line… just for a week or two, I’m not going to go on to twitter… You might also find, at this particular moment in our own times, his references to “an atomic world loaded down with Overkill, no matter WHAT side you’re on.” and “the idiotic Crusades and the berserk fanatical wars of Islam”.

But then head over to that column on the right-hand side of the page and you’ll see it’s not just the drug that’s taking hold, but its proposed culture. LSD, dangerous stuff, indeed, for the ‘Establishment’ – free minds, regulations that aren’t taken seriously, and peace and love for everyone’s fellow person. That’s not going to work for this new Administration. Fifty years in the making… can we keep it on track?

Police Statement on LSD


What was up 50 years ago


in the LA Free Press?

Well, while the publishers of nudist magazines got off scot-free, the LA Free Press got hammered. A bit more of an explanation…

As you can see from the article in the bottom right, Free Speech Rights were upheld with a ruling that magazines promoting the joys of being a nudist were not pornographic. What you don’t see is a reference to any earlier article about the Beverly Hills ACLU Chapter’s involvement in this matter.
So, for your edification and entertainment, we’ll pluck that from our feature column (Flashback Fridays) in our DAILY newspaper (yes! we do have one of those). That article is at this link: http://uniquenewspaper.com/aclu-stands-up-for-nudists/

As to the LA Free Press…it still needs its own day in court; the top headline indicates that, thus far, the police department, instead of the courts, has been the arbitrator of what the LA FP can and cannot report on. And the sub-headline ‘Free Press Writer Gets Battered’ and story below that, makes it obvious that ‘cannot’ is more likely to be their decision in many instances. (For those of you on the edge of your seats about how this all turns out… we did get our day in court… and, ummm, and the court (not saying there was any ‘undue influence’) was not all that keen on us, either. We should have called the ACLU, too!)

But, wait. There’s also that article on a civil liberties lawyer getting arrested, and then one about some community college students’ umbrage over restrictions on their right to speak out freely. Seems to be a theme here, hey?

Nevertheless, as I know Tim Leary’s name caught your eye, too, I’m thinking that the ‘Police Statement on LSD’ will be of some interest, as well. Here it is for your perusal… and to be put to good use.


Acid Test Graduation Party


There’s no question of what news in this week’s Throwback Thursday Issue of the LA Free Press deserves your attention – and that’s why the Victory of the Farm Workers is on its 50-year-old Front Page. That’s also the reason that we’ve put it into our A Unique Perspective section… so you can read it in its entirety AND make comment. Here’s how you get to that: https://losangelesfreepress.com/farm-workers-win-big-grape-victory/

That said… nothing says 60’s more than that sub-headline at the very top of the page – Ken Kesey’s ‘Acid Test’ except, maybe, ‘Is Love Obscene in S.F.?’. So, you’re getting both! The Article about the Acid Test (Graduation, as it turns out) is right here. And the other story is on the 2nd page of the article about the Farm Worker’s Victory (at the link given above). It’s just like the Ellen Show.

Now to those of you who might have a spare moment for contemplation… LSD is back, and micro-dosing has been said to have had a positive impact on those who need to think creatively – like those .com types up in Silicon Valley. Might LSD be beneficial for us, as well – teachers, philosophers, sci-fi writers, medical researchers, musicians, et al? Time to bring that Acid Test back?
(btw… if you’d like to know the history of how the Test arrived in LA and its evolution there, just let us know. The whole story is in the LA FP Archives.)

Legalize Abortion Committee Plans for Initiative Petition

M66M3H09601BWM66M3H09609BWOn this Throwback Thursday, we are presenting you with our lead article and, for context, these links on what has recently happened in Oklahoma and… in Poland.

Please notice that on the second and final page of the article, there is a photo from the Kienholz Exhibit that was covered in the previous two Issues of the LA Free Press published in this Section. There is also the first part of an article on Electronic Music emerging ‘from the fringe’.

And, importantly, one on the demise of the infamous Prop. 14.

Elsewhere, in the Issue, you’ll find a long article entitled ‘State Legislature Outlaws LSD After Scare Publicity Barage’.  And a much shorter – but more surprising – one on Timothy ‘Leary’s Politics and Ethics of Ecstacy’ wherein he proposes a one year moratorium on the taking of LSD and other psychedelic chemicals.

Of course there are others, but we especially encourage you to consider making a comment on these that would be worthy for inclusion in our ‘A Unique Perspective’ section.

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