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Tag: Mort Sahl

Mort Sahl Speaks

Sure, we know this isn’t the 50-Year Throwback story our headline proclaims. But it IS our Front Page article from back then… and touts one of our own, Ron Cobb.
His work first appeared in the pages of the LA Free Press in 1965, and by the time of this interview he was known as one of the finest political cartoonists of the time. Interesting, hey, in that he, himself, here says that’s not his role… cartoonist, yes, political cartoonist… not so much. Good thing we kept that to ourself till then. (We also hadn’t said much about his moonlighting, so you might not know about such side projects as the cover design of After Bathing at Baxter’s, Jefferson Airplane’s 1967 album.)
Even after his compilation was published, he was still ‘our’ cartoonist, with his work better understood from what is said here. Too, a piece like this one – which resulted in one of the first symbols of the Ecology Movement (and seen by more than 200 million people!) – was given context.

Ron left, then came back, then went on to design work in the film industry… with a body of work that you’ll recognize!

Now with the help of hindsight, and in light of current events… onto this year’s ‘featured’ story:

“What did Ralph Ginzberg do?”


Please note the Front Page article in the bottom right-hand corner about the soon-to-be-Officially-formed committee. It’s this week’s Throwback Thursday selection.
This committee’s formation follows that of the Committee to Protest Absurd Censorship formed last month in New York, and the more recent action of the Beverly Hills Chapter of the ACLU. That Chapter’s unanimous support – they’ve more than 2,000 Members – for publishers of nudist magazines was reported in ‘last week’s’ Issue. The article also made it into our Flashback Friday section, titled as ACLU Stands Up for Nudists. (You can see that HERE).
This matter of censorship is the focus here, today, and, hence, our referral to Lawrence Lipton’s column on page 2 where he discusses it more fully.
[Ed.s Note: Mr. Lipton is an illustrious writer whose Radio Free America column appeared within the LA Free Press for years. Over that course of time, he brought to the fore issues – very often ahead of others, and with much more conviction – that needed to be considered publicly. We’ve much gratitude for his work and, as it now seems long overdue, we will post his credentials and begin an index to his contributions in our The LA FP Staff section.]