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Tag: Peace & Freedom Party

Pick a Panther at Peace & Freedom Party Convention

Let’s sidestep the sewage… unquestionably, the anti-war protesters have made their feelings known with regard to Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey’s candidacy…and look for a clean stream of their support for the Party they helped birth. In that ‘tomorrow’ is but a day away and on which, likely, the final path will be determined as to ‘how’ they will achieve their goal, we will need to take a very quick look at how we arrived at this point, how it is different from all others, and what it’s outcome may bring to all of America.
Of course, at this point in time – 50 years ago in the pages of the LA Free Press – one could only guess as to how history might unfold. For the moment we knew that the Anti-War Movement was real: on this coast, peaceful protesters and the LA FP, itself, pushed the P&F Party onto the ballot in January, then pro-peace candidate Eugene McCarthy rocked the East Coast, coming within less than 300 votes of defeating Lyndon B. Johnson in the first primary, that was 6 months ago in March. The showing was strong enough for Bobby (RFK) to take up the banner aiming to outrun McCarthy, stepping in as LBJ bowed out. Barely 3 months later, in June, on the night he won the California primary with a similar themed platform… he was shot dead.
But the Movement did not die, and with the advent of these 2 conventions of the people – a true 3rd Party where anyone who was a Member could nominate its leader – Democracy lives.
Sadly, within just weeks, this exemplary example will run up against traditional politics – There will be no nomination of a true pro-peace, pro-people, pro-planet candidate for President. The Battle of Michigan Avenue will ensue, the hopes of the Democratic Party manipulators will be dashed and, in an irony of historic proportion, idealists will be the cause of a dystopia.
So much for a snapshot of what was, and what was soon to be… here is what the morning will bring…

And, too, there is the Newport Pop Festival on the 3rd and 4th.
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One Done, Two Begun – Social Nudity, the 18 Year-Old Vote and Eldridge Cleaver

Quite a mix, right? And, yet, only a small fraction of what was ‘new’ in this Issue.
There is, for instance, another page picturing a protest – ladies with placards reading “My Pussy is Not Obscene”. Who would have guessed that such a word would be in the public eye?
And that protest has absolutely nothing to do with the article on naked associations as an absolute Right (per the new ruling that lays it out clearly that nudity is not lewdity… at least not on private property). All very rhythmic, isn’t it?
And LA is also in the forefront here, with the issue of the vote for 18 year-olds (the very same age that our Country was offering them the opportunity to die for it). This initiative was being pushed by the Peace and Freedom Party… with high hopes of turning out voters to end the war – to their and others’ benefit. Of course, at this point (in 1968), no one knows for sure that such an initiative even has a chance. And, as a matter of fact, it took about an Amendment to the Constitution to lower the voting age from 21 to 18. It took almost 4 years, but it was as a result of actions like this one. One by a ‘third’ Party… another reason for legislators to nip this in the bud. Or, said another way, it was looking like a good idea for them to take action before the likes of Eldridge Cleaver got the ear of the public.

We’ll add this final note — on our ‘1960’s Music Page’ – https://www.facebook.com/LAFPmusic – you can also see who was playing around town.

We Need to Talk About Peace & Freedom Instead

50 years ago, today, our featured story began with a question, though it was clearly a clue as to what was coming. In fact, most of us – by most, I mean the white majority – already knew something was up, whether their position was at the top or at the bottom of the economic scale. Looking down, it was apparent the other colors were climbing, and looking up – wait! – how was it that whites could be on the bottom? But that wasn’t the only conundrum. There was a real puzzlement as to how Whites could regain stature without being like ‘them’ – all those other colors that had taken to the streets – without, outright, admitting that they, too, were beset by many of the same problems.

Hence, they were the long-suffering silent majority, quiet on many issues – but surely not about to point to the elephant in the room lest it be realized that it, they, had, indeed, lost ground. A humiliation for many for whom all that talk of equality was only salt in the wound – they were held, by their own hand, to a stand still as they claimed to admire what was, without a doubt, their loss of privilege.

But what of poverty… that stark reality of truly being equal to the other coloreds? When those who can escape it, do… and don’t look back… and those who don’t? The question here is only a shade different from the first – CAN White Americans riot? Is that even ‘acceptable’ to them… to rebel against a government whose policies to contain the poor – read ‘those other folks’ – have caught them in the net, too? Or is it ‘beneath’ them to even admit that the others in the net are their equals? Or, perhaps, their riot is still years away… because they firmly believe that Democracy (read as ‘majority rules’) will keep the problem, for them, from getting any worse?

This was a simmering, frustrating dilemma, the finer points, and the possible outcomes of which are discussed in ‘Prelude to Riot’, the book – published by Random House – by our friend and fellow LA Free Press Writer, Paul Jacobs. A respected social critic, a chapter had been published in Atlantic Magazine, and another in Harpers Magazine; it is our honor to reprint the book’s ‘Conclusion’ and, thus, bringing to you, our reader, the gist of its entirety.

However… a Whites’ Riot, here, en masse, against the government’s programs ‘for’ the impoverished did not follow the publication of Paul’s book though it was LA-centered, and our own publication was central to LA. Frustrations did, however, boil over then and again, but still it seemed that a riot ‘wasn’t our thing’. While, without a doubt, the thoughts and their foresight merited a place in the Freep, this time around, we’re featuring a different one within this same Issue.

It’s the parallel path taken, one that was quintessential of the era, our choice for this 50-Year Throwback because, in hindsight, it not only was representative of the 60’s, it’s the one that gained momentum at that moment. And, too, as always, it is one that relates to the here and now.

A final note ~ as to the aformentioned book, ‘Prelude to Riot’, we expect to be adding its final chapter, the one that is part of this Issue, to our A Unique Perspective section in the near future – right about when we see that riot acomin’.

LA Free Press Helps Push Peace & Freedom Party onto Ballot

It’s ‘now’ 1968(!) and there is no denying that true political change is upon us!!

Fortunately – in this first week – the downturning and disappointing news that the American Independent Party ‘qualified’ George Wallace as a Presidential Candidate here in California has been upset with the news that the Peace & Freedom Party has also garnered enough signatures for ballot status. And, we say proudly, with the largest total of new signatures of any city in the state, the endorsement of Art Kunkin, our Publisher, surely had something to do with that!

The P&FP was the beginning of many things that you might not remember nor heard of in the time since, but now, remarkably, you are hearing about once more. For instance, Merriam-Webster’s ‘new’ word for 2017 was feminism, due the search for its definition. It was first included back in 1841, rose to the Top Ten Lists in 2014 and 2015, and finally reached #1 with the push of events that closed out 2017.
Originally, the word was very simply defined as ‘the qualities of females’ but now known as an entire range of political movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve political, economic, personal, and social equality of sexes. This includes seeking to establish educational and professional opportunities for women that are equal to those for men. The P&FP was, to a significant degree, made up of those who had thoughts closer to our present understanding of this term along with the specificity of (and it may be coming back)… socialism.

As the Party is just getting into gear, here, at this point in time (in 1968), we’ve much more to talk about as it further incorporates and promotes progressive cultutral values to prospective voters.

If only we could turn the clock ahead 50 years to, say, 2018 to see how it all unfolds… now that would be something, wouldn’t it? I’ll place my bet that when that time comes, the LA Free Press will again be among the first to make that report.