This Space for Rant, Inquiring Minds Wanted.

A rant, BTW, is “and another thing” (fill in the blank) X 4 legs good on the floor with a Bertha Butt Boogie beat.

When I rant, I feel better. I don’t need another reason and you shouldn’t nor’easter neither. But if you do, be advised the perfect Stormtrooper won’t be born from the norm. It takes a Drumpf, in this case, Trumpy McTrumpface to set ablaze the fire and furry in a teapot dome of disgust and corruption, latte foam, dysfunction junction and destruction of the reconstruction. You can fiddle while America burns but what you gonna do when the fallouts on you? Hide your head in the glowing red state sand? Brother, do you have a spare hand to lend to the cause and effect of this latest DC train wreck?

If ever there was a time to rant and rave, to write for right and misbehavior, rock the pro-lifeboat and stop the panic on the Trumptanic it’s the National Organization of Women (NOW). Expresso yourself, caffeinate and regurgitate what’s on your blue state plate. O say, can you seize(ure) by the Don’s oily zeitgeist? Sting like a butterfly, float like a bee. Rope-a-dope-the dopes, there’s plenty of those folks, Greedy, Sleazy, Creepy, Slimy, Oily, Grabby and Betsy all up on the hill that fit the kill bill. Say a prayer for Anita Hill. Going, Boeing gone but not forgotten, there’s still something rotten in Denmark DC. Be best, like Ali.

I write not to fight but to inspire the ire in you to be the Peter Gunn for hire. Be (in)sane, profane, propane as in propanity, just don’t be like Yawn Hannity. Will you put your thoughts to Marine Le Pen and fly, sand or scratch my back and I’ll shiv you between the ribs paper? Are tin cans tied with silly-string your thing? Let the Liberty Taco Ring! Ring! Ring! Goes the Bell. What do you have to bring to the mad hatter legalize it, don’t criticize it, potluck taxed enough already tea party? Imagination, indignation, comprehensive immigration? Don’t be a meme without a theme. Give a conclusion on collusion, a break from the confusion and illusion. AG Barr is a Rake’s in Progress, and we need to lose him. We have the right to mull the Mueller Report, in its entirety and without redaction, otherwise we can’t get no satisfaction. 

It is true I like to write jazz. Hide the melody and find the pizzazz in the filigree between the notes. I’d like to tease the world to sink in parfait hegemony. In fact, I just did. Dig? Turn! Turn! Turn! Or burn, baby, feel the Bern. Beto late than never. That’s very clever, Trevor. Do you need the existential? I rant, therefore I am. Have you tried the green new deal and ham? I like Ike and I like Spam. Uncle Sam I am?

No… I’m just a ranter, though this is my home. And today I’m rhyming – perhaps not tomorrow – but always pointing out the too obvious in a clever way and, better yet, always suggesting the sublime.  To wit, every forest fire starts with a single tree, every beekeeper must suffer a thousand stings, stand your political ground, and we won’t be bullied by the wicked rich in the west wing or his pet army of flying Trumpanzees.  Si se despotricar.

[Ed.’s Note:  Philip Drucker is a recently retired attorney who began his professional life when he graduated from UCLA with a BA in Fine Art. As an adult learner, he attended night classes and earned his Juris Doctorate degree from the University of La Verne. His growing interest in education led him to the classroom where he continues to teach Constitutional Law at the California Desert Trial Academy. Always interested in the inner working of politics, in 2014 he ran for California State Senator, 28th District. Currently, Philip is an author, guest lecturer, topical speaker and a bit of a (quite entertaining) Ranter.

He is honored to present his understanding of freedom, social justice, and the democratic party’s unique philosophy and historic role in this ongoing social experiment we call America. Likewise, we are honored to have him appear here, regularly.  ]

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