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Prelude To Riot - A View Of Urban America From The Bottom

A Unique Perspective by Paul Jacobs

        Contributing Writer, Los Angeles Free Press

50 years after this headline appeared on the LA Free Press’ Front Page, I still want to add an ‘*’ to it.  It would be right next to “Hmmm… which one of us said “Blacks” first?”

That would be in line with the Author’s premise from all those years ago – when Paul Jacobs wrote that, systemically…in fact, to our very core… we were a nation of racists.  And his book provided eye-opening examples of how the government had grown from that seed to embody and implement that bias.  Presented here is his Conclusion of what needed to be done to set things aright:  in its essence, Step 1 – lose our core belief in White Supremacy, and Step 2 – adjust our governance accordingly.

It was 4 years past the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964 when a Prelude to Riot was written. But because laws didn’t trump beliefs, Step 1 hadn’t yet been taken.  And so, even now, in 2018, with rare exception, Mr. Jacobs’ recommendations remain only that.  Which means, quite likely, that the answer is…”Yes.  (To our detriment…) The Next Riot WILL Be Started By Whites.  ”



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